Visiting Dunblane Cathedral with Children

Visiting Dunblane Cathedral with Children

As I get older I find looking at Churches and cathedrals fascinating and I was keen to visit Dunblane Cathedral during our recent trip to Scotland.

dunblane cathedral

We had been to Doune Castle earlier in the day so made the short journey over to Dunblane Cathedral. We parked up and have a short stroll through the centre, passing Andy Murray’s golden post box.

The Cathedral itself is very impressive and looked just beautiful in the summer sunshine. We had a quick snack outside a drink then headed in. We seemed to have got lucky and visited when there were regular guides about to help visitors make the most of their visit. Upon arrival, Daniel and Emma were given a checklist of things to search for and it was a great way of getting us all to look at the detail. Sometimes it’s all too easy to not ‘see the wood for the trees’, but this spotters checklist really made us stop and look at the incredible carvings and the spectacular stained glass.

dunblane cathedral

As you’d expect, Dunblane Cathedral is large and imposing and I find the whole history of these building endlessly fascinating when you think about the reformation and the effect that it had on decoration used within the church. We spent a good while in the cathedral looking at the different areas of the church and chatting to the guides who were on hand to help us find some of the trickier things on the children’s checklist.

There’s a permanent monument to mark the Dunblane tragedy which was quite poignant in the nave of the cathedral.

We really enjoyed taking a stroll around Dunblane Cathedral; it’s easy to spend an hour here taking in the peace and quiet and enjoying the incredible carvings and artworks.

After we had looked around, we headed back to the car via Choices tea room and a few delicious scoops of ice cream.


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  1. 16th July 2018 / 13:39

    there was a series on TV recently about cathedrals

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