Continuing with Slim Fast

Continuing with Slim Fast

Not so long ago I shared my thoughts on Slim Fast following a two week challenge I’d been set. Following the end of the two week period I continued with the Slim Fast shakes two – three times a week. I found that it was a nice change from cereal or toast in the morning and it worked for me. I didn’t need to do the plan fully so adding it in for a couple of days a week seemed like a nice balance.

I haven’t put any weight back on and have continued to slim down (thanks to running too). I was intrigued when the team at Slim Fast contacted me to tell me about their new range of noodles that are less than 100 calories per serving as well as some changes to the products I’d tried previously.

Slim fast noodles

The new noodles are designed to be combined with a meal replacement shake or bar or alongside an evening meal. There are three flavours available and they are ready in two minutes in the microwave. I was sent some of each flavour to try, however I hadn’t realised that two of the three weren’t vegetarian and that you needed a microwave to cook them. So… I popped round to my mums and we tried them out (making use of her microwave). Mum had the Chicken Tikka one and I had the Spicy Thai flavour. They smelt fab and were really tasty too. I had been out on an 8km run prior to eating and they kept me full for most of the afternoon, which I was really surprised at. They would be perfect for having for lunch at work. They even come with a small fork – perfect!

slim fast noodles

As for the traditional Slim Fast products – I am thrilled that they have reduced the sugar content in the shakes and meal replacement bars. It was something I had commented on that there seemed to be a lot of sugar across the plan so I’m pleased to see such a big reduction.

I actually think the shakes and the bars taste nicer now that the sugar is reduced, much more natural tasting and just as filling. I’ve been using the shakes and bars across the past ten days or so and it just seems to work for me. I think I will continue using just the shakes for the coming months.

Slim Fast seems to be a plan that works for me, it is easy to follow as well as being satisfying and effective. It really gave me the kick start that was needed to help shift the last few stubborn pounds.



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  1. Pat
    15th September 2015 / 20:51

    Mine was really tasty and so easy easy to make. It didn’t taste like a slimming food at all.

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