Romiley Methodist Railway Modellers – 2016 Exhibition

Romiley Methodist Railway Modellers – 2016 Exhibition

Last year the children and I went along to a local model railway show. The children loved it and soon as we spotted the date for this years event we knew we would pop along.

The Romiley Methodist Railway Modellers Exhibition is always a good day out with children

The four of us set off to the church and were excited to see the various set ups. It didn’t seem as big as last year’s event, and certainly the gentleman who was there last time with a large Thomas the Tank Engine set up wasn’t there, however there was a good number of layouts to see and of course the opportunity to choose our favourite set up.

The brio track was available again for the children to play with and it was of course enjoyed by Mr D and Miss E who have both taken a real recent interest in their own wooden train set in recent weeks.

The children had a good look around and it was lovely to see the exhibitors happily showing the children how to control the trains as well as talk to them about the set ups. As I noted last year it is lovely to see the mix of generations at these sort of events and the easy manner in which they interact with the children.

Romiley methodist railway modellers

We had a good wander around and this year Miss E was much more able to take part and control the engines. We went round both halls twice and stopped off for a cake in the small refreshment area. Mr H slept through most of his first model railway experience but I am sure at around 15 months old next year, he will be wanting to get involved too.

Romiley methodist railway modellers

The detail on some of the exhibits was amazing. Their was a Hong Kong themed set up as well as a replica of Romiley itself which was incredibly detailed.

Romiley methodist railway modellers

When I asked the children to choose a favourite they liked both Danny’s Zoo and the Harbour – it was a close call as to which to choose but we cast our vote and headed home. All three children fell asleep in the car so I have a pleasant hour sat in the car on the driveway catching up on the news.



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  1. 19th September 2016 / 06:46

    the enthusiasm of the people who do this sort of thing (as with most hobby’s/pastimes) is impressive

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