A day out at Belton House

A day out at Belton House

A week or so ago we met with some of Damian’s friends. They live in Ely and Colchester so finding a midway meeting point was essential.

We opted to meet at Belton House in Grantham, Lincolnshire. It is about two or so hours from us so off we headed one Saturday morning. We got lucky with the weather as it was a lovely dry day which meant the children could all explore the play equipment.  The equipment was all wooden style and really well maintained etc. Miss E was off following her brother up some of the climbing frames!

Belton house Play Area

There were two other children there, the eldest will be six in November and the younger one is a few months younger than Mr. D. It was lovely to watch him interact with them, he is just at that age where he is beginning to play and interact with other children and it’s the first time that Damian has really seen that in him.

We had a great time on the various adventure playgrounds – there is a lot of different things there and it suited the full age range of children we had with us. There is also a miniature train that takes a short journey through some of the grounds. The children loved this (of course!) and Mr D has been talking about it since we got home.


Belton house trainThere is also a house that can be explored but we didn’t get chance to do this; if the weather had been rainy or cold we would have ventured in.

There is a cafe on site that Damian and I bought sandwiches from and a children’s meal pack (we did take some food with us as well) and this all seemed fresh and varied and there are plenty of places to sit to eat.

Belton House National trust review

It was a really lovely day out, and it’s the sort of place that if we lived closer we would visit regularly. There are deer on site which are beautiful as well as ducks. There are lots of picnic areas which were all clean and there are even garden games such as Connect Four and Jenga to play with.

The children all had a great time, which is good considering the age range. Having been to a couple of National Trust venues recently I’m tempted to get their membership, perhaps this will be something we do as a Christmas Gift to each other this year. I certainly think we would get benefit from it as there are a few great National Trust properties close to us that we really should explore.

Belton House National trust review


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