My Perfect Working Environment

My Perfect Working Environment

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Do you ever wonder how the perfect working environment for you might change as you enter the different phases and stages of life?

When I was a student and studying for exams or writing essays, I found it near impossible to work without the radio on or music playing. There are songs and albums that I know the years of because they saw me through GCSE’s, A Levels and degree study. When I was younger, the physical space I worked in didn’t matter too much – it didn’t matter if it was messy but I was always sat at a desk or table.

I needed space to spread out papers and pens; a pad to doodle and scribble thoughts onto and sight of my to-do list – ready to tick things off as I went along. Of course, my working space as a student was pretty much on my owns terms (I studied for my degree via the Open University) so it didn’t matter so much – whatever my preference was I could suit it.

Now, my work sees me need to be much more flexible – I have to be flexible in the time I work at (generally in the evenings) and I have to fit in around whatever Damian is doing, be it things of his own,  work or just general jobs around the house. Of course, in most jobs, you need to be pretty flexible with your role.

Slater Gordon Employment Law has produced a fab infographic all about the perfect working environment and the things that we find make for a good working environment. More often than not, it tends to be the people we work with that have a big impact; the personalities that make up a team. I worked with some fab people in my previous two jobs and they really helped make the days go faster when the work was tedious and tough.

Another thing that helps is keeping work areas tidy – I used to get so frustrated when team members would keep records areas messy or you’d answer their phone, only having to dig under a mass of paper just to get to it! I’m not surprised that some 23% of people said general untidiness was a pet peeve.

Now my work is somewhat different I find I still need that little bit of background noise to see me through and I need space to spread out my notes and pens – the only difference these days is the addition of the laptop. I like to doodle and scribble still as I order my thoughts and I like to sit at the table when I am working.

What does your perfect working environment look like? Do you identify with any of the pet peeves on the infographic here?




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