Dreaming of a new bathroom

Dreaming of a new bathroom

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Now we are back from our summer holiday we are thinking ahead to the autumn and things we want to do. We have done a fair bit of work to our house since living here, but there are rooms that are reaching that stage of needing work doing to them to update them. Our kitchen and bathroom are in desperate need of an overhaul and I think the next big job we will undertake will be the bathroom.

We are lucky to have a reasonable sized bathroom and we want to make the most of the space that we have – a large bath and walk in shower are the dream – something that looks more modern than what we currently have.

I’m not sure on colour schemes yet but something fairly neutral that we can add pops of colour to in the coming years with towels and bath bats etc.

I’m trying hard to cut down our plastic usage and one of the big places I’ve managed that is in the bathroom. I’ve not used bottled shampoo for a long while now and we have switched to bars of soap intead of bottles of shower gel. I’ve also stopped buying bubble baths, preferring to use bath bombs and the such that I pick up from local shops or ‘handmade’ markets; I always like to make a nice evening of having a long soak in the bath with a good book – it helps ease any aches and pains from the gym or carrying the children around.

I also want to have subtle lighting in the bathroom – at the moment we have spotlights and, in the winter months, they can feel a bit bright when all I want to do is rest.

I think when we finally get around to designing the bathroom it will be the little things that make the big differences, things like shelving for storing things on; the colour of towels that we choose and even things like the style of radiator we put in there. We are mindful to ty and keep the renovations we do in keeping with the Victorian style of our house, but I must admit I do like the electric capsule glass radiator from Trade Radiators and can see how that could make an impact in our bathroom.

I’m excited to start planning our bathroom design – and am busying searching Pinterst for all sorts of ideas!


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