Beautiful Jewellery from Sacet

Beautiful Jewellery from Sacet

I think, sometimes, as mums we often neglect ourselves. Shopping is, for me at least, focussed on getting things for the children. My amazon wishlist is a list of practical things for the house and item after item for the children.

When Sacet offered me the chance to look at one of their lovely bracelets I jumped at the chance. I don’t own a lot of jewellery, particularly not bracelets and I really liked the look of the Marque Small Hoop Chain Bracelet.

Sacet jewellery review

The item is very dainty, which suits my slim wrists. It sits prettily and is a nice reminder that life is one big circle.

At times it can feel like I’m being pulled in ten different directions; there are three children who need me, jobs to do in the house, jobs to do on the blog, family stuff to satisfy, a marriage to pay attention to and the myriad of other things that crop up in daily life.

I love the bracelet, and for me, it represents that each of the many things going on all link back into the bigger picture of life.

Sacet is a new brand and have an interesting story and seek to be more ethical in their jewellery production. You can read about the craftspeople and designers on their site and included with your jewellery is a leaflet telling you about who made the item; a nice touch and one that helps give the items a nice connection.

Sacet jewellery review

Sacet have some good eco credentials; they source their materials responsibly and use recycled materials. They also send their items in eco-friendly packaging, including their 100% recycled boxes and recycled cardboard jewellery boxes. Happily, the jewellery also comes with a 30 day returns policy and a two year warranty which gives that added peace of mind.

Sacet has a wonderful range of jewellery and I hope to add to my bracelet with a necklace or pendant in due course.


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