Alternative Art

Alternative Art

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I wrote, last month, about some of the work I wanted to do in our home, and one of the things I’m keen to do this year is to update some of our wall art. Our hallway is in need of replastering, but as we may not be able to do that I think we might get some new wall art instead to brighten things up.

I don’t particulalry have a favourite artist and it’s not often I see much that catches me eye, and I’m never really sure what fits the style of our home, which has resulted in us having plenty of bare walls.

Hopefully the tips below  might help provide some workable alternatives that, if you’re like me,  will take out the indecision and give you something you’re going to enjoy looking at now and long into the future.


Seems obvious to say but this doesn’t mean your standard size family snaps but instead photos that mean something to you that have been enlarged and edited to beautifully display your favourite images. We have a couple of large images that we have recently added to our walls and they’re really good.

The ever-increasing availability of online editing skills online, either free or paid for, help you to get exactly the right effect and it can be a great way to stamp your own individual mark on your prints and create your own piece of unique art that’s entirely personal to you.


This is a fabulous and much cheaper alternative to buying up canvases and also gives you the option of delving into slightly more niche interests. If you love, for example, 1950s style tourism advertising, there are a plethora of sites selling items like this in great condition. If you’re a film buff, you’ll also find plenty of options to accommodate your favourite genre. I’m looking for some poster images from the Manchester region at the moment to add to our walls.

Make sure to display your posters effectively to give them a professional touch and keep them in good condition all the longer.


If you’re feeling really bold, then you could pay for someone to come and paint you a mural or take the plunge and order in a stencil to create a stunning scene yourself. It takes a bit of confidence but with the right option you can create some stunning results that can set a room off perfectly. The added benefit of creating a painted scene is that if you get bored or are unhappy with the results, you always have the option to paint over it and start all over again. I like the idea of this for the children’s rooms as I think it would be a really good way to add a stamp of individuality.

Image from Pexels

When you’re not sure what you like or are just bored of having the same old art pieces on your wall, then you need to consider your options and think a little outside the box.

All those photos you’ve taken and never used will finally have their chance to find a place on your walls. Those films you’ve loved for so long or that style or architecture that’s kept you fascinated can make an appearance and really show visitors who you really are and what you’re into.

Don’t be afraid to make an impression with a mural and give your guests something to really talk about.



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