Who Inspires Me?

Who Inspires Me?

This month I am taking part in the #hereisourhomeschool Instagram challenge. Each weekday there is a theme to post on and share with the wider community about how your home education works.

I like this idea, I am all for sharing who our Home Education looks like. I’m not a saint and I am not superhuman. I am a regular mum taking a path in life that some think is irregular. I don’t have endless patience, far from it(!) and I don’t have any special skills. What I do have is a willingness to learn and a belief that this is the right path for us, right now.

Today’s challenge was ‘who inspires you?’ and I found this one a tough one if I am honest! Inspiration, for me, takes many different forms and I found it really hard to capture this properly with one image and a caption. It was also telling that a lot of other people I follow found this one tough too!

I thought I’d share in more detail on my blog about what and who inspires my home education approach.

The children

Of course, the children are my main inspiration – I’ve learnt so much about humans and how children learn since becoming a parent and my outlook has changed. I love seeing the world through their eyes and cringe at times when I see my behaviours reflected back at me. I know I need to become more patient and I find myself having days when my own behaviours and approach is not what I would want, but the children inspire me to do better for them and our family unit.

I am inspired to look for fun ways to teach them the things they want to know, and I love those moments when they just get something and the grasp a concept. Those moments of utter wonder are why I do what I do, whether it is H making marks on a piece of paper, or E managing to swim that little bit further or D being able to read. Those moments are so inspiring and mean I am on the right path.

My husband

I couldn’t do what I do without the support of my husband. If he didn’t support the path we take and didn’t trust the decision I make about the type of approaches we do then it wouldn’t work. On those days when it feels like all I have done ie referee or where nothing has gone right or where it feels like it is one argument and battle after another, Damian will see the bigger picture and brings a level of calm and is very rational; in a way that I am not. We balance each other out and when the days and weeks are longs he helps support and inspires me to keep on going. To look at that bigger picture.

Our Friends and Local Community

I am blessed to have a wonderful group of friends who are at varying stages of their own Home Ed journey. We have friends who I noted in my Instagram post who seem to have endless energy – My good friend Emma is generous with her time and knowledge, she balances a range of demands effortlessly and I am convinced she must not sleep such is her endless energy and her drive. I benefit enormously from her research and suggestions for things to look at and it’s nice to have someone to vent to on those days when the children will just. not. listen.

I am also always eternally grateful to those in the community who take the time to organise events and meet ups – Kirsty is a more experienced home educator who again is generous with her time and resources, organing monthly meet ups for the children. These are always incredibly well planned and enjoyed by all (and there’s always a plentiful supply of coffee and biscuits!). Having recently taken on organising some group events I know how time-consuming it can be to set events up but Kirsty seems to do it with such grace and skill and makes it all look so effortless.

We also have a wonderful group of friends locally who we see at groups or for park meet ups and I am hopeful that a good summer might see more time for the children to just be and play together.

Having friends who you can go out with, away from the children, is so important and it’s something I am getting better at! Enjoying a child free catch up is perfect and very restorative.

Those who run classes

Living where we do means we have access to so much stuff – we have so many opportunities to try out different things and I am so grateful to those who run different things for us. We have a retired teacher who runs PE and football session and does so in such a fun way – the children adore going and they have such fun. Our Classical Conversation teacher has had a huge impact on the approach we take for history and has inspired me to learn more about ancient history; a period of time I know very little about. Jodi, who runs these classes, is so generous with her time and brings with her a huge wealth of experience and is generous with her knowledge and time. Our Spanish teacher too has taught the children so much and remains a firm favourite activity.

Other Inspiration

I also find books and inspiration for the children; I never fail to be amazed at the snippets of information the children pick up from the books they find, and that then forms our route into learning (and my purchases from various online book shops!). My parents and their support for our path inspires me and their interest and engagement with the children is always a joy to see. We are so lucky to have them and their energy and enthusiasm makes it all that little bit easier.Who

When the days are long, the arguments feel constant and the weeks roll into one I look back at my blog and see just how far we have come and rememver those three small people and that, ultimately, inspires me to make the next day in our home education journey a better one.

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today's #hereisourhomeschool prompt is 'who inspires you'. My children are probably the biggest inspiration. they make me think and look at things differently and inspire me to learn more and be a better person. I also take a lot of inspiration from other home ed families and am fortunate to have some great ones in my locality. I'm always in awe of @younghosannas who gives so much to our local community including a fab meet up today. She has a wealth of experience and fab ideas and her approach to home ed is working so well for her lovely family. I'm also inspired by @spud_and_pudding who seems to have endless energy and enthusiasm for so many different things and also with researching different things. I benefit from this too as I tend to piggy back on what works for her 🙈There's also @little_quacks who is endlessly patient and creative with her children. Inspiration is all around and I'm enormously lucky to have a fab group of people around us.

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    splendid – quality throughout all that you are doing

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