Where have all the colours gone?

Where have all the colours gone?

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When Daniel turned six in October, I wanted to buy him some new clothes for his birthday. He had a bit of a growth spurt over the summer and some of his favourite t-shirts were starting to look short on the arms and his beloved jogging bottoms were looking very scruffy.

We always tend to buy clothes from high street shops or from the supermarkets; primarily because it’s convenient to do so and they have always washed and lasted well. We have had some lovely bright designs but to be honest, when I went looking for Daniel this time around, I was left feeling totally disappointed.

I don’t dress in dark colours too often and I was panicking a few weeks ago when I was invited to a Hen Do with the dress code as ‘wear black’ as I don’t own a black dress; an admission my friends were aghast at – apparently everyone owns a little black dress! I like the children to have a range of colours to choose from and I remember when we were looking for a new rain coat, Daniel had been very keen on a bright orange one he saw, but sadly they didn’t have it in his size.

For some reason, the clothes available in high street stores seem to lose their colour once boys reach about five. I don’t know what the designers think happens to little boys at this age, but it is really quite stark. Next time you’re in the supermarkets or high street shops look at the clothes for boys age five/six plus – they really are all blacks and navy blues. It’s depressing. I want to see my children dressed in bright fun colours and it really shouldn’t be so hard to do that.

I was excited to check out the children’s designer clothes sale by Strawberry Children this week and spot so many brightly coloured clothes for Daniel. There’s clothes in yellows, bright blues, greens and reds and it’s refreshing to see these for a change, especially for older boys. I’ve got a few items on the wish list for Christmas for him to brighten up his wardrobe.

Is it just me, or do you also notice this change in boys’ clothes when they get past the age of five, and why do you think it is? I don’t think there is an innate change within children that makes them suddenly favour darker clothes! If you’ve been successful in finding colourful boys clothes let me know and I’ll add it to my list of places to check out.


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