What if you don’t break down?

What if you don’t break down?

Now that Mr H is six months old I am hoping to have a bit more time to read. I have always read and I find that it really helps me to claim a bit of time back for me, as well as giving me the opportunity to escape into another world. It’s funny how a good book really draws me in. I don’t really watch many films as it’s all a bit too passive for me, sitting watching the TV. Getting stuck into a book really opens up the imagination as you visualise what the author is writing about and drawing you into their world.

My first book of 2017 that has been read for me is by my Dad! My Dad wrote and published this last year, but I just haven’t had the time to sit and read it. So, I downloaded it onto my Kindle and set about reading it a week or so ago.

The book, What if you don’t break down? follows my dad’s motorcycle journey through Europe. I had already, of course, heard snippets of the story and had read the update emails that he had sent whilst away but the story gave another dimension to it all. It really draws you into the journey my dad took and you can visualise the places he stays at and the people he meets.

what if you don't break down review

Pre having Mr D I used to regularly review books that authors had self-published via Kindle. The notion of e-books opened the publishing market to a brand new type of author. I will be honest and say I read some truly woeful books, but I also read them gems that I am sure will see the author’s in time picked up by larger publishing houses. I was pleased that my dad’s offering was good!

So, What if you don’t break down? is essentially a story of adventure; of getting up and going out and doing things. When I was living at home my parents had a poster on the wall with a quote from Barry Sheene. The quote read, ‘don’t wait for your ship to come in. Sail out and meet the bloody thing’. And I guess that’s the approach my Dad has taken with his bike tours – if you want to do it, just get up and do it.

Sometimes it is too easy to think about the things that might happen to hinder you. Instead, assume those things won’t happen, because, in most instances, they won’t. And, even if they do there are very few thing in life that can’t be solved.

At the moment our life if very much tied to home. We go on little adventures in the day, but big wild adventures that I dream of aren’t really in the pipe line, at the moment. Partly due to finances and because the prospect of upping and going with three very young children doesn’t really appeal to me right now. But, in the future, Damian and I hope to explore some of the world with the children; opening their minds to another way of life, another world to look at and a plethora of experiences. I will be sharing their Grandad’s book with them as I am positive it will inspire and excite them to choose their own adventures in life.

The only thing I think missing from this book are pictures. Having seen so many of the pictures from the trip I know it would look amazing as a coffee table book; I can visualise the large hardback book complete with glossy prints of some of the fabulous places described in the book.

The book is available in paperback here and kindle here. You can read more on my Dad’s blog here.

And, after writing this post I have decided to ‘seize the day’ and have booked a train trip for the children and I tomorrow.


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  1. 16th January 2017 / 07:40

    How exciting that your dad has published a book!! My step mum has published 3 now which is really inspiring my eldest who wants to be an author. Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe

  2. 16th January 2017 / 07:57

    thanks for your words Sarah – Id love it as a coffee table type book – Ive certainly got enough pix – but I just couldn’t fund that myself

  3. sarahmo3w
    16th January 2017 / 09:11

    Wow, how exciting! You must be so proud of your dad – both for going on his adventure and for publishing his book. It sounds like a really interesting and inspiring read too.

  4. 16th January 2017 / 14:12

    My Dad is a keen motorcyclist although he has only ridden in the UK. He would love this book!


    • 16th January 2017 / 19:14

      ah – I hope if he does read it he enjoys it x

  5. 16th January 2017 / 19:24

    How wonderful that your Dad has written a book, you must be so proud! I hope you enjoy your train ride, they’re always a good activity I think. #readwithme

    • 16th January 2017 / 19:55

      we had a lovely time on the train today – the children loved it!

  6. 16th January 2017 / 21:31

    How wonderful that your Dad writes. Mine did too and I have his memoirs of the Royal Navy during the Forties typed up on my blog. I love that e-publishing is so accessible as I remember how publishing was only for the rich back in the day when it came to self-publishing. Thank you too as I have an adventure planned and your blog post made me want to do it and believe we can even more

    • 16th January 2017 / 22:17

      ah, that sounds fantastic, I’ll check out your dads memoirs on your blog xx

  7. 16th January 2017 / 23:00

    Congratulations to your dad on publishing his book. It sounds a great adventure and I love the title. It will be great that your children can read about Grandad’s travels when they get a bit older. Great review. #readwithme

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