What a difference a years makes

This time last year was my final day in work before finishing for annual and maternity leave.

It had been a stressful time leading up to finishing for a whole host of reasons, and I certainly felt ready for my six weeks of rest before my due date.

I remember that first week I was off work I had a terrible cold, I managed to get a few jobs done, such as making a small blanket for my new arrival and catching up on some reading. I also had my flu and whooping cough jabs that week, I didn’t feel great after those injections, and in all honesty I’m not sure I would have the whooping cough one again.

The second week I felt slightly better and managed to go swimming and the such, but by weekend I wasn’t feeling great again. I remember it was the first time I had been out and had to stop to rest, just walking around with some shopping was too much. That evening I had the worse backache, and I can remember being bent over our large footstool with my husband rubbing my back. I didn’t sleep well at all on the Sunday night, struggling to breathe comfortably and the such. On the Monday I booked in to see my GP as I was just not feeling good at all. I was 36 weeks pregnant at this stage.

My GP was lovely and had a good listen to my chest and said it was most likely the start of a chest infection, made worse by the fact that my already small body was having all the organs squeezed to make room for my almost full term baby, he prescribed an inhaler for me to take should I get breathless and wheezy again, and some anti biotics to take later in the week should I feel it was getting worse. He took my blood pressure and urine and all was fine.

The next day I was booked to see the consultant at hospital to be signed off for a home birth, as had been my plan all along. The various antenatal checks were completed and, to my shock my urine had high levels of protein in…. Various blood tests and the such and I was booked to come back in that 08:30 the next morning for monitoring, expecting the protein to have dropped back to normal levels.

I returned the next day to be told my blood pressure was sky high and the protein was the highest measure possible… And that I would have to be admitted. And there I stayed until three days voter my little boy was born at 37+3.

In the year that has followed I have made the decision to leave work to be a stay at home mum, it’s hard work but incredibly rewarding and I look forward to the next stage of our journey as my little man learns to walk and talk… And I never would have thought that I’d be almost 19 weeks pregnant with baby two….

This time next year I will have been out of the employment market for two years, have an almost two year old and, all being well, a seven month old!

Not at all what I expected from my year away! But I wouldn’t change a thing.


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