Travelling with Two under Two

Travelling with Two under Two

Before Emma was born, I preferred to carry Daniel rather than use a pushchair. Up until he was around six months old, I used a Moby wrap – a long piece of fabric that wraps to hold the baby securely against you. Daniel was born in October, so over the winter months it was nice to have my tiny newborn warm and snug against me.

As he became bigger and more wriggly I switched to an Ergo carrier. I found carrying him to be much easier than dragging a pushchair around, especially in shops etc. The picture below is taken at the Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester, and to have used a pushchair would have been hard work. I like that the Ergo can also be used for back carries, something I did as I became bigger with Emma at the front.

Daniel in the Ergo baby carrier

However, as my due date with Emma approached I was thinking more and more about how I would transport them both. I had planned to continue to use our Sola pushchair (which I love) and carry one in either the moby wrap or the Ergo carrier.

This worked for a few weeks, however I realised that if I wanted to go shopping for clothes, or if someone else was taking them both out, then the wrap and pushchair combination wouldn’t work. I therefore had a look around for a second hand double pushchair.  I found a Phil & Teds pushchair which is perfect for us. Emma lies in the flat section and Daniel sits up front. We got it for just £80 via gumtree and it works for us.

What I love about the Phil & teds is that it is light, and slim. It actually folds up smaller than my Sola pushchair which is pretty impressive.

Flat section for Emma

seated front section for Daniel

I prefer parent facing pushchairs but I do make the effort to constantly talk to Daniel whilst he is in the Phil & Teds, so I don’t feel he is getting any less interaction from me. The only snag with the Phil & Teds is the shopping basket is inaccessible when the flat baby section is in use, so I use a clip on the handle and a large jute bag holds most of what I need to buy.

If I’m just shopping locally or going out for stroll then I use the Sola and wrap combination. Emma doesn’t like being on her back, so sometimes the wrap solution is the best, I was recently sent a Snugi wrap to review (full review to follow shortly) and after initially being hesitant about whether it would be my go to wrap I can confirm it is brilliant.

In the first few weeks I used the Moby wrap to keep Emma warm and snug (Using traditional pocket fold). One of my favourite pictures is of Emma, Daniel and I – you can spot Emma peaking out of the Moby wrap

The Moby wrap really is perfect for newborns, and both Emma and Daniel settled well when in the wrap as newborns. It can be a little tricky to get used to at first, but after a few uses I could wrap it pretty quickly. Occasionally if I have put Emma in and out of it a few times then I do rewrap it, but on the whole it stays pretty stable.

And sometimes, just sometimes when you’re out an about, a little bit of magic happens…

Two sleeping children!

What are your tips for travelling with small children?


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