Toddler Summer Fashion

Toddler Summer Fashion

As the days are getting warmer, I’ve had to have a think about the clothes that Daniel wears.

He is an adventurous, energetic toddler now, and so I need his clothes to be practical and hard wearing. We love George at Asda and Nutmeg for both Daniel and Emma’s clothes. In fact, the supermarkets for me offer brilliant value clothing that is hard wearing.

hat pattern
Essential summer kit

As Daniel is very fair haired, like me, I am keen for him to wear a hat – it will also help protect his eyes from the sun. We are lucky that Daniel LOVES hats. He eats his breakfast wearing his hat, has his naps wearing his hat. I found his current hat in Sainsburys, A pack of two for just £6 – and even better they’re reversible. One is a khaki green on one side and orange on the other and the other is white white a camper van type print then all white on the other side.

He gets lots of comments when wearing this hat, and I love that it’s wide brimmed, plus he looks super cute in it!

Another purchase I have made for him this week is sunglasses. I know he will probably break them (and in fact on day in the arm is damaged on one side!) but I’d like him to at least get used to the idea of glasses, especially as the sun is so bright.

And the final purchase has been some open toe shoes. He is only a small shoe size (3) and has been wearing his Clarks shoes, but as the weather has been getting warmer and he has started wearing shorts (or in our garden in just t-shirt and nappy) the big shoes have looked out of place. I popped into the local Mothercare to look at their sandal type shoes.

One Cool Kid

They didn’t have a size 3 in stock of the style I liked, but they offered to order it for me, and it was in store less than 24 hours later, which is pretty good service. they only cost £12 too which I think it brilliant value as they are quite sturdy, and feel as good as the similar shoes I have seen in Clarks.

I think Daniel will be one cool toddler this summer.

Where do you find stock the best toddler clothes and accessories?


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