Things they don’t tell you about post pregnancy

Things they don’t tell you about post pregnancy

Three babies on and I think I’m pretty well versed now in the things that happen to you when pregnant and also post baby. I remember when pregnant with Mr D it was all about the pregnancy glow, long thick hair (which is a treat for my usually very fine hair) and anticipation of meeting our new arrival.

I was probably a bit naive because after having Mr D that there were a couple of things that I just hadn’t appreciated or simply hadn’t known would happen. I was talking to a friend who is pregnant for the first time a couple of months ago and she was, understandably, focusing on labour and whether she would cope. I wanted to be honest… and I said that it wasn’t labour that was the hard part – it was afterwards that I found the hardest. She was a bit surprised so I shard some of those weird and wonderful things you’re not told about post pregnancy

having a baby is amazing but here are five things I wish I'd known would happen post pregnancy

1 Having stitches is pretty undignified. I mean giving birth isn’t the most glamourous situation you’ll ever be in, but having an light shone at you whilst you’ve got midwives and doctors discussing stitches is the pits. I had to have stitches all three times – and I found it really unpleasant. Giving birth is natural and your body is geared up to that. Having a Doctor stitching you up isn’t and I vividly remember wanting to slap the Doctor who turned to my husband and uttered the phrase ‘your wife is very sensitive’….. erm… well yes…

2 Day 3 post-partum you’ will be in floods of tears. All three times day three has been THE DAY. The day when your milk comes in and the hormones hit. We’ve all heard about the baby blues and being mindful of PND but seriously, day three has been the day I’ve just had to ride out those emotions. I remember with Mr D being sat in the car outside our house after coming home from hospital and sitting crying. With Miss E we had roofers round to repair some slates on our roof and I was a big weeping sobbing mess, unable to cope with the slightest thing. Third time around with Mr H I was more prepared….. I was ready and armed with a box of tissues and copious amount of chocolate to help me get through the day.

3 Hair loss – say goodbye to those long thick glossy locks of hair and say hello to hair loss. I was not prepared at all for this. Who even knew that post pregnancy you lose hair. And not just a bit of hair. A serious amount of hair. So serious in fact that after all three children I’ve wondered if I need to turn to some sort of cure like Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment – seriously my solution to the hair loss the last two times was to get pregnant again… unless this hair loss sorts itself out soon I’ll be either donning a wig or having another baby. I’m guessing the wig or the ATP treatment above might be a cheaper option.

post pregnancy hair loss

4 You will have an interesting google search history. Pre baby my search history tended to focus on things like – South American flight information, York city break or looking for the latest theatre and cinemas releases. Post baby your search history will include things like ‘green baby poo’ and ‘baby rashes’ along with phrases such as ‘how long should a one month old sleep’ and ‘when will my baby sleep through’ and whats the returns policy (there isn’t one) and my hair is falling out is this normal (see above)

5 – After having both boys I’ve had terrible night sweats. With Mr D I had pre-eclampsia so had a lot of swelling and with Mr H I had some swelling at the end. Sweating is your body’s way of getting rid of all the hormones and excess fluid your body has on board. Just when you probably aren’t feeling your most attractive, what with the hair loss and general post baby situation you’re given an extra hit with waking up dipping wet with sweat. First time around I seem to recall it only lasted maybe five weeks or so but with Mr H I was getting to a stage of being concerned enough to book an appointment with the GP. However as I asked for advice in a Facebook group the night sweats stopped. As quickly as it started it stopped.

Pregnancy does some weird and wonderful stuff to your body, and it’s obviously worth it, I just wish I’d been a bit more aware of the weird and wonderful things that happen afterwards. Although I wonder if you can ever be fully prepared? Was there anything you experience post pregnancy that you hadn’t expected?


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  1. 4th January 2017 / 08:06

    Hi Sarah, I am not a mother yet, but I think that one of the things that worry me the most about having children is to have PND. I am on anxiety/depression medication, and I would feel really bad if it happened after I give birth. Fingers crossed that one my time comes, I’ll be fine! 🙂

  2. ChelseaMamma
    5th January 2017 / 08:36

    I never expected breastfeeding to physically hurt. Those first couple of weeks my nipples were burning rings of fire (so glad I persevered though)

  3. serenityyou
    5th January 2017 / 13:06

    I thought the days after the birth were worse then the birth it’s self! When I had my first I had to have stitches and I remember a few days later I was home having a bath when the midwife popped in. She needed to see my stitches. I felt very dignified with one leg up on the bath with her bending over having a little look

    • 5th January 2017 / 16:48

      oh yes – those first few days are hard going aren’t they – there are lots of things that you’re just not prepared for!

  4. 8th January 2017 / 00:22

    Ahh the hair loss – had so much of that!!! Also the google search made me laugh – totally know what you mean. Loved reading this post

    Laura x

  5. 8th January 2017 / 02:41

    This is so true and the only way I could ever deserve that post party dip was like being in a lift that was plummeting down but you couldn’t stop it! You know it’s going to end, you just don’t know when!

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