The Never Ending List

The Never Ending List

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I’m sure Damian despairs of me sometimes – I’m always finding jobs to do in the house. I get restless easily and always like to have a project (or three!) on the go. He will often complain that his list of jobs is never ending; just as he tick on thing off I had another three.

This year we have some pretty big jobs to do, one of which is likely to be getting our windows replaced. We also need to repaint our living room and our bedroom this year – one of which we hope to make a start on soon. We just need to decide on the colours. I think we are going to go quite neutral as it is likely we will be changing our sofas at some point – the main sofa is pretty tired these days (thanks to the rather ‘energetic’ children!) so we need to keep it neutral to make sure whatever we end up getting matches. In the meantime, we are going to switch the two sofas around, which will hopefully make sitting down to watch TV or read a book a little comfier!

When we paint the living room I think we will go for neutral greys or beiges – I’d also like to have a little change around with the furniture too, perhaps bring our chair back into the room (it’s currently in the dining room) and maybe add in a simple console table like one of these from Cox & Cox.

I always finding dressing rooms tricky – there’s a real balance to find in terms of making the space work for our young family, but also making it restful and presentable. We are lucky the room is a good size which means we have space to play with but that also means that decorating it can be quite a time-consuming job!

As well as a lick of paint and new sofas we will probably look to change up the pictures in there. At the moment we have a few framed one of the children and family, but I might keep an eye out for some nice prints as well as getting some updated pictures of the children printed out.

How do you decide what colours to paint your living spaces? We have a few paint charts that we will leaf through this week and I’m busy watching eBay and local selling sites to see if we might find a decent sofa – I’m not sure we want to buy a brand new at the moment – the children are still a bit too jumpy and energetic! I’ve also got a Pinterest board set up where I’ve saved some ideas of things I like to refer back to once we have made some choices on colours…. neutral shades seem to be the order of the day so I think that is the route we will take.


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