The day of bargains

The day of bargains

After a very wet and horrible Monday and Tuesday I decided that, on Wednesday morning last week, we would head out of the house for some much needed fresh air.

We live about 1.5 miles away from a little town centre and so, in a bit of rain we headed out. I decided I’d take the double buggy in the hope that Daniel might get in the buggy if he got tired (which, lets face it he is unlikely to walk over three miles!). Emma soon fell asleep and Daniel eventually conceded defeat and got in the buggy too.

We went for a wander and met my mum and also bumped into my cousin. We grabbed a coffee before heading for a nosey around a couple of shops. I am a bit fan of charity shops, I have found so many bargains (usually books) and Wednesday was no exception. We went in a couple of shops and I nearly picked up a Thomas the Tank Engine jigsaw but decided against it

I then spotted a lovely Eric Carle book, Slowly, Slowly, Slowly said the Sloth. It was priced at 99p and was in absolute perfect condition. Daniel then spotted a Spot the Dog book. A little more than a usually pay for second hand books at a whopping £2. It is a large hardbook book and it’s already established itself as a well loved book as in just 24 hours we had read it four times.

charity shop bargains

We then popped into another charity shop and I spotted two books that, once again were in perfect condition. One was from the Usborne ‘that’s not my…’ series and the second was a Miffy book. I’ve not read any Miffy books with the children so this is a lovely book to add into our collection. These were priced at just 25p each, but I gave £1 for the two.

So, for the bargain price of £4 I came away with four books that are immaculate and as new. Perfect.

charity 2

Do you like to visit charity shops, and do you have any good bargains to share?


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