Supporting Local Events

Supporting Local Events

I wrote last week about how I am a fan of charity shop bargains – and I am a fan of supporting local events and causes. School and Church fairs are in abundance at this time of year as they enter into the summer fundraising period.

The weekend before last we went along to a local church event summer fair that my cousin was helping out at. She had tipped us off that there were many a bargain to be found so, being the bargain hunter I am, had planned to be there for the opening time. However Damian needed to get his hair cut so we were a little later than planned. That of course meant I missed out on the big bargains.

I love little events like this. They needed to sell as much as possible in order to raise as much as possible, and also because they didn’t really have anywhere to store the items that went unsold. My mum and auntie had popped along as well and managed to get some bargains including some lovely books and a Winnie the Pooh jigsaw for the children. There were lots of books being sold and Daniel got himself a little toy train. It was being sold for 10p!

We had a go on the bottle tombola and came away with bubble bath and some soft drinks (typically my mum managed to bag herself a bottle of wine!) There were Yankee candles on offer and some top end cosmetics (Benefit etc) if that is your thing.

Daniel and Emma had a go on the bouncy castle (20p for ten minutes) and we had some lovely home made cakes too. I think the summer fair raised around £1500 which is brilliant.

Another local event that we went along to was a Food Festival. We live close to Tameside and they have been hosting a Food Festival. Tameside (if you’re not familiar) is made up of a series of small towns and over the past few weeks a mini food festival has been touring around. We went to the one in Hyde.

It was quite a nice day so the four of us walked in to Hyde. There were some fabulous looking stalls including some fresh bread and cakes (we bought a fruit loaf which went down very well with the children) and Damian got some Paella. The food was all fresh and smelt lovely. Daniel wasn’t keen on the Paella but Emma gave it a try.

Tameside food festival

I love stuff like this as it’s a good (and exciting) way to introduce different foods to the children. I hope that the food festival happens again next year.

Supporting events like this means that there is more chance of more events happening in your area. The summer months means that there are often lots of carnivals and festivals and I have a few penciled in that I hope we will get to.




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