Some Recent Reads

Some Recent Reads

I’ve had a lovely influx of new books recently so I thought I’d share them here.


The Jar of Happiness – Ailsa Burrows

The Jar of Happiness is a wonderful book. It follows a little girl called Meg who creates a jar of all those things that make her happy; however her jar disappears one day…. what happens?

jar of happinessThis is a lovely little book that prompted a lovely conversation with Mr D at bedtime talking about what sort of things make him happy, or make me happy. I am going to be doing an ‘all about me’ theme next month with the children and we are going to make a happiness jar for ourselves. We will use this book as the basis for the discussions. There are also some great activities here on the Child’s Play site.


Go Home, Little One – Cate James.

This book, Go Home, Little One, is a great book that is perfect for the autumn months. It follows animals who usually miss winter (due to hibernation) as they seek to learn what the winter is really like. This is a great book to introduce the idea of hibernation, fears of being lost and woodland animals to young readers.

go home, little one

We have enjoyed reading it as part of our weather and seasons work last month and Miss E is beginning to recognize some new animals and Mr D is beginning to talk about the idea of hibernation. It’s been a nice book to read snuggled up warm on the sofa as the weather has turned distinctly autumnal this week.

Stinky Jack and the Beanstalk & Get Some Rest Sleeping Beauty.

Part of the Fairytales Gone Wrong series books, Get Some Rest Sleeping Beauty and Stinky Jack and the Beanstalk are new twists on well known and classic fairytales.

Sleeping Beauty has been particularly apt for us as Mr D seems to have taken to not going to sleep until a bit later than usual, resulting in him being tired and grumpy – exactly like Aurora in this book. We had a lovely conversation about the importance of needing to go to bed early (although he doesn’t seem to be heeding that advice at the moment!!). Jack and the Beanstalk isn’t a story that the children are familiar with, but they both enjoyed this book and giggled as Jack kept hiding from the giant.

Following the Tractor by Susan Steggall

I think Following the Tractor is one of my favourite books of recent weeks. We have one of Susan Steggall’s books already (the wonderful Rattle and Rap). Mr D is really into these books at the moment and likes to turn to the back page to tell me that ‘we can get these books too mummy’. This is another great book that we have looked at as part of our seasons work as the tractor ploughs the fields throughout the year.

following the tractor

The unique style of illustrations by Susan Steggall really work and appeal to Mr D. He just loves it so much and as soon as I opened up the box of books we had he picked this up and took himself off to his beanbag to pour over it. There is a wealth of detail in here and I am going to look out for the rest in the series for Christmas I think for Daniel as they are wonderful books to form the basis for our own artworks as well as wider discussions on the topics they are based on.


What books are in your reading pile this month?




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