Signs that it is Time to Change Your Life

Signs that it is Time to Change Your Life

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If you know that you are not happy with your life right now, then it may be time for you to make a serious change. If you don’t then things will only get worse, and you may even find that you can’t get out of the rut you are in right now as well.

You Dread Going to Work

A lot of your day is spent at work, but if you experience an intense feeling of dread about it every morning then this could be a sign that you need to make a change. Sure, everyone has off days now and again, but if you find that they are happening every day then something needs to be done here. The first thing that you need to do is work out why you hate your job so much. Is it your boss? If it is then you need to ask to be transferred to another department, or you need to have a sit-down talk with them. If you feel as though it’s the amount of work you have to do then a career change might be in order. When you do change careers, you can then branch out into another industry or you can even try and do something you are passionate about.


Your Head isn’t in the Game

Showing up to work is easy. Unless you want to lose your job, you really don’t have a choice. If your head isn’t in the game however then you may find yourself constantly detached. This concept can be applied to your relationship as well. If you are with someone that you stopped loving quite some time ago, then it may be easier to detach yourself from the reality you are in, rather than making the right change. Settling should never be an option, and you really deserve more than that. Believe in yourself, and know that you should always be able to put your own happiness first. Look into family law solicitors if you need some legal help with your loved one, or get your head down at work to be the best person you can be. Changes can be hard, but they can also have a huge impact on your life.

Living in the Past


It is completely normal to focus on the good times that you have had. If you find that you are doing this every day however then you may not be happy in your life right now. A lot of people focus on the past or the future because they are trying to escape what is happening in the present. The next time you find yourself daydreaming, find out why. What are you thinking about? Are you reminiscing about spending time with an old friend? If so, try and get in touch with them. If you are thinking about the time you were once physically fit and able to powerlift your personal best, consider hitting the gym. Remember that it is always more than possible for you to get into the mindset you once had, and with a bit of work and determination, there is no reason why you can’t go on to achieve everything you once did.


You’re a Bystander in your Life

Think about it, are you really living right now? You may be existing, but would you say you are

happy and living your life to the full? If the sidelines are where you are most comfortable then you may be afraid to step out into the world. You might convince yourself that your own happiness is out of your control and that there is nothing at all you can do about it. This is never the case, and you are in complete control of nearly every aspect of your life. Sometimes you just have to take that next step and push yourself harder than you ever have before. Everything you have always wanted to achieve is right in front of you, and the sooner you see this, the better you’ll feel.



You Don’t Follow your Heart

Without even being aware of it, you may have crafted a life that is not actually based on your own decisions. You might be in school studying a subject that you hate to try and keep your parents happy, and you might even notice that your voice doesn’t account for anything when you are in a group. You have to remember that this is your life and that you really aren’t anyone’s puppet. Your family and your friends won’t have to live with the consequences of the decisions you make, so do what you think is right and always go with your gut instinct. Life is too short for you to have pineapple on your pizza just because all of your friends love it.

Your Life is a Script

Over time, you will develop your own routine. You will get up at the same time every day, go to work, get home and repeat. If you are sick and tired of doing the same endless cycle every day then that signifies that now is the right time to make a change. The only reason why things keep on repeating themselves is because you are letting them. You need to go out, explore and find somewhere new. It’s time to write a brand-new chapter for your life, and it’s also time for you to choose where you want to go. Change things up by doing something fun before you go to work, grab a coffee on your lunch break so you can take in the scenery, or get a dog. Little changes can go a long way and it can be a great way for you to change things up.

You Feel Unhappy

Sure, you might have a job that pays the bills and you may even eat overpriced healthy food even though you hate the taste because that’s what you feel as though you’re supposed to be doing. The truth is that you can’t measure your life based on what you should be doing. You should measure it according to what you actually want to do. Don’t focus every effort on chasing the dream that the world has for you. If you feel as though your heart is trying to tell you something, then listen to it. Focus on what you want to do, even if that means taking a pay drop, eating junk food on occasion or even indulging in the occasional pint at the bar.

Looking Forward to the Day

Reading, music, exercise and holidays. We all need some kind of escape now and again, but if you are constantly depending on these vices to get you through the day then this is a sign that there is a bigger problem at hand. You really should be looking forward to your day, not trying to run away from it. Your life should be full of things that you love, and people who bring you happiness. Read a book because you want to, not because you feel as though it takes you away from the life you have. If you do want to make a change here then think about the reason why you want to go on holiday, workout or even listen to music. Are you stressed because of your job? Maybe you feel as though you are constantly having to impress other people and you can’t deal with this anymore. Either way, dealing with the problem at the source is the way to go.


If you find yourself saying “yes” too much because you really don’t care, then it’s time to say no. You may find that you put up with a toxic relationship because you are indifferent. Deep down however, you know that you care much more than you let on. You need to accept the fact that you are not fine, and that there is nothing wrong with this. You should never have to subject yourself to the same environment all the time because it’s bringing you down. You need to learn how to let go, and you also have to start focusing more on yourself. Find out what drives you, and what makes you passionate. Use this as fuel to take you where you want to be in life.

What’s the Point?

If you are constantly thinking to yourself, what’s the point? Then this is another sign that a major life change is required. You may not do your favourite hobby anymore because you really don’t think that it’s benefiting you. After all, where’s pottery going to get you in life? The truth is that it doesn’t matter whether something benefits you, or what the point in it is. All that matters is that you enjoy it and that it makes you happy. The sooner you can focus on this, the better. You’ll feel more satisfaction in life, and it will also help you to start focusing on yourself rather than focusing on other people all the time, so do keep that in mind.



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