Baby Friendly Sensory Tubs

Baby Friendly Sensory Tubs

It’s been a bit of a strange day here in the Let Them Be Small house

Daniel has been a bit grumpy, lots of ‘No’ responses to activities I offered, and he had a long nap after lunch.  I had planned to do a but of messy / Sensory play this afternoon with both him and Emma, but it ended up with just Emma and I in the end, as Daniel was napping.

Spaghetti, cloud dough, cereal

I prepped a couple of trays with some things I had in, cooked spaghetti (one of my fave sensory activities) some bran flakes and rice krispies in another bin, and I made up some cloud dough for another tub.

Sensory play is so easy, and such great fun, it took me 20 minutes to put this together.

The tub on the left is cloud dough – a 1/4 cup of baby oil mixed with around 2.5 cups of flour. It makes the most amazing silky dough and it’s one of my favourites. Best to be used with older toddlers though that are past the putting things in mouths stage! In this tub I added in a couple of Daniel’s plastic animal and dinosaur toys, a couple of cookie cutters, an old face cream tub (washed out) and some scoops and a truck. As we didn’t get to use this one today I have popped a lid on it and we will play with it in a day or two – cloud dough keeps amazingly well I find.

The middle tub is just cooked spaghetti and is brilliant for babies.

Emma loved playing with this today. She really enjoyed feeling the spaghetti and lifting it and might even have sneaked a taste of it!

The final tub is bran flakes and rice krispies – quite a different feel to the spaghetti and a great one for Emma and Daniel to share. I had put a couple of scoops in this tub and some small tupperware boxes, with the idea being that Daniel might use the scoops to fill the boxes.

Emma really enjoyed this one…. she was able to pick up the bran flakes and throw them around. She was getting a bit tired by this point though, so we didn’t spend a great deal of time with this tub, but she seemed to enjoy the time we did spend on it.

The things that I put into the sensory tubs are all things that I had to hand – and nothing that is too expensive. The only thing that require a bit of planning was the spaghetti, I had cooked that this morning when we got up and left it to cool. But aside from that, sensory play is the perfect rainy day activity, and for two under two it’s brilliant as both can play with the same things.

What other sensory play ideas do you use?


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