My Little Scootersaurus

My Little Scootersaurus

Not so long ago I managed to nab a bargain from ebay – it was a balance bike for Mr D.

My parents both have bikes as does Damian and Mr D is aware that they all wear bike helmets when they go out. He has been asking for one of his own so I was thrilled when we were asked to check out the funky Scootersaurus helmet available from the Natural History Museum Shop.

Mr D was super excited when it arrived and we had to instantly head out on his bike. It took me about 15 minutes or so to adjust it all to fit him and to get it comfortable. He doesn’t really need it at the moment as he doesn’t use his balance bike properly, but I would rather get him in the habit of putting it on now rather than introducing it when it’s needed in the future.

scootersaurus natural history museum

The crash helmet is lovely in terms of its design – appealing to little people and Mr D found it so funny that there is a dinosaur on a scooter! He also (predictably!) loves the spikes down the top of it. Functionality wise it is very good. Very sturdy and I’d be confident of him being protected when he is older and using his bike properly, and thus increasing the risk of him falling off etc.

scootersaurus natural history museum

The Crash helmet comes in small and medium and has clear instructions for how to fit it/ adjust it. It has an adjuster on the back to help to ensure a snug fit too and it conforms to the relevant safety standards. Mr D loves it and it’s the first thing he asks for when we say we’re going to head out on the bike.

The helmet is a lovely bright blue and the prickles down the top are a great vibrant red – makes Mr D easy to spot as he tootles of down the road. I love the bold dinosaur illustrations along the crash helmet and he has had a couple of comments from passers by as the remark to him what a lovely crash helmet it is.

Scootersaurus Helmet, 3


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