Room 101

Room 101

I’ve been tagged by Hodge Podge to write a post about what I’d put into Room 101, I think this originates from Stickers Stars & Smiles so I’ve added my link in back there too.

Here goes…

1. Lateness – Just like Hodge Podge, I absolutely can’t abide it when people are late. There are always going to be those instances when it just can’t be helped. But being late because you left late are not acceptable. My husband operates in a ‘just in time’ world. If we have to be somewhere for 9am, he will leave at the absolute last minute. Whereas I would rather be a few minutes early, rather than risk being late, my husband would rather walk in as something is starting. It is causes endless disagreements with us, and you will usually find me shouting at the bottom of the stairs that we need to get going somewhere.

2. Zoos & Aquariums* – I really struggle with the idea that, in 2013, we still ‘display’ animals in zoos and aquariums. I can see this will be a bone of contention in future years when I won’t allow my son to be taken to such places, particularly so as some elements of our friends and families are big fans of zoos. I’m also really irked that as humans we seem to think that have some ultimate right to see and interact with animals, regardless of the fact that we have lifted them from their native environments. (See a recent post here). Yes, i have been to zoos, and I have always felt a little uneasy, I must admit, as we have walked round. My most recent abiding memory is seeing a medium cat pacing up and down it’s cage. It really disturbed me, and still haunts me a little today. The poor thing was on it’s own and was just walking round and round and round, clearly distressed.

Image courtesy of Captive Animals
Image courtesy of Captive Animals

I’m a bit torn on this final one…. I want to say something like teething, as my little boy is struggling with his teeth at the moment, I also want to say competitive parents, as we have all been there when there is that one parent who just has to make you feel that your little one’s achievement isn’t worth much…. but I think I’m going to settle with

3 – Poor customer service – is there anything worse than feeling like you’ve had really poor service? Be it on the telephone when you’re stuck in an endless cycle of pressing various numbers when all you want to do is speak to a human? Or in a shop when the assistants have been less than helpful? Or when out for a meal and the waiter/ess is surly and dis-interested? It’s amazing how much better we all feel when good customer service takes place. I get that sometimes things go wrong, but it is often the way that it is dealt with that makes us feel OK about it. For instance, when I set my phone and broadband up there was an issue with my phone line, we couldn’t dial out. Despite three weeks of calls reporting the issue, our provider told us all was OK. It was only when I threatened to cancel the package I had, on the basis that I couldn’t use it, that I suddenly found myself transferred to someone who could help. It turned out that a squirrel had, at some point, chewed through the cable from the telegraph pole to the house, and therefore the phone line was never going to work until it was repaired. It took six weeks to get to that point. There wasn’t an apology from the provider for passing me from pillar to post, and not believing that there was a problem. It all left a rather sour taste if I’m honest.

So… That’s my three things into Room 101…  I tag:

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*to read more about why I really wish zoos would be consigned to Room 101 see the excellent work that the Captive Animals Protection Society and Born Free do. See here for zoo specific information.



  1. 28th August 2013 / 08:15

    Don’t ever visit the Caribbean! Lateness is an ingrained part of the culture. Even so, my husband, who’s also very keen on being early or on time, finds he relaxes while he’s out there. But, honestly, I know what you mean. It’s one thing for things to start late and another for someone to actually be late to meet you.

  2. 28th August 2013 / 08:41

    Hi and thanks for commenting!

    I can live with lateness if its part of a culture, and I’m sure in the Caribbean it’s different, but when you’re stuck in rainy manchester waiting to meet someone… Well…. Grrrr….

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