Reconnecting in a traditional way?

Reconnecting in a traditional way?

I’m a big fan of twitter, spending far too much time following the news and online friends there (see the right hand side to follow me on twitter – @MsSBurns) and it was through a re-tweet a week or so ago I came across a tweet asking about ‘post circle’ I got in touch with the original tweeter (@Meanyjar) and from there we agreed to become snail mail pals.

When I was younger I used to write to a girl in Alabama, this was way before the advent of the internet and email. I used to love thinking about what I would say in my letters to her, and eagerly waiting for her response. I was therefore intrigued about a penpal in the modern world.

From that one tweet I gained another penpal – @Serotiny_HAF and from posting something on Instagram (MrsSDoyle) I found another friend!

So, last week I sent off my first letters, after buying some pretty stationery of course!

Pretty Stationery & Washi Tape
Pretty Stationery & Washi Tape

I bought the spotty paper in the top tight from tesco, and the papers in the bottom image are from an ebay seller. All very pretty. I also treated myself to some washi tape from a folksy seller and some new pens – I love stationery! My favorite writing pens are the Uni-ball roller ball pens – although the colours are a bit boring so today I also treated myself to a Pilot Frixion set – in back, pink and purple – apparently the ink is erasable! We will see whether they make it into the permanent writing pen set.

I have been very lucky to have received two lovely letters back so far…

Incoming Mail

Both have been lovely letters and I can’t wait to exchange more letters with these ladies in the future – I already have some many ideas of things to send and how to ‘pretty’ the letters and envelopes. I’m also going to be on the look out to get involved in postal swaps and hope to join #postcircle when it opens again in the autumn.


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