Product Review : Freedom Mallows

Product Review : Freedom Mallows

I was recently lucky enough to be sent three bags of Freedom mallows to review…


photo 3

They are vegan and vegetarian marshmallows… and I decided that the best test would be to eat some and to also make some into delicious krispie bites…

Freedom Mallows are scrummy, and even better they are completely dairy free and are made with natural colours and flavorings. I was a little worried how they’d melt etc as I made my rice krispie bites, as the ingredients are a little different to normal marshmallows, but, as you can see from the pictures below they melted find (I used a non dairy spread rather than butter) and once the mallow covered krispies had cooled they were lovely. Nice and sticky and very tasty!



Freedom Mallows are available to buy in Harvey Nicholls and also online – they are lovely and I will certainly be treating myself next time I am in Manchester!


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