Pretty in Purple

Pretty in Purple

I love purple, I wear a lot of purple clothes. I adore this little outfit I put Emma in this week.
The top is from mothercare and is a really nice purple shade. The rights are Nutmeg from Morrisons and came in a pack of three. They are quite thick which is good as she is now crawling, and I am sure she will wear the knees out of some of the thinner tights she has! They are a little long on her as you can in the picture, but they are fine for now!



Mothercare clothes always seem to wash really well which is obviously great. This outfit came with grey leggings but I opted for the tights as its been a little cooler recently so wanted to keep her toes nice and warm.
















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  1. Pam Francis Gregory
    6th November 2014 / 14:08

    Lovely pics!

  2. pat
    6th November 2014 / 21:10

    That’s a lovely colour and it really suits Emma.

  3. 7th November 2014 / 19:18

    I’m a purple fan too! I used to dress Little Owl in lots of purple when she was a baby but its slowly faded out of her wardrobe and I’m not really sure why!

  4. 9th November 2014 / 16:35

    Lovely outfit! Mother care clothes do always wash lovely x

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