Pregnancy Update – 36 Weeks

I can barely believe that I am almost considered full term – that in just a few weeks time (hopefully!) we will be welcoming our newest family member.

This week I had an appointment at the hospital. I love the NHS and I can’t grumble about the care I’ve received yet I do find it frustrating that there can often be a very overly cautious approach to things.

At my last two midwife appointments, my community midwife has been very supportive of my desire to have a homebirth. There are many reasons why I would prefer to have the baby at home, the primary one being that both my previous labours have been what you would call quick and I am bothered that I might not actually make it to hospital in time! Surely it is better to plan for a home birth and have the various bits ready than to have an unplanned homebirth.

At my appointment my bloods for an historical thyroid condition were normal (as they have been continuously except for one small blip in the first 8 weeks). My blood pressure remains normal and all other checks are fine. Yet the Doctor I was meeting with was keen to dissuade me from a homebirth, talking about how the baby will need neo natal care due to my historical condition (neither Mr D nor Miss E did nor was this mentioned during their pregnancies) and that I am no clinically obese. This was a bit of a surprise given that I have only gained around 1.5 stone so far and my BMI pre pregnancy saw me in the normal range. I’m not concerned though – I am sure I will soon be in the normal range again.

When I explained my reasons for wanting a homebirth I was offered the chance to have a controlled induction at 39 weeks, something that couldn’t be further away from what I want. Thankfully the consultant I am under is very pragmatic and agreed that as Miss E’s pregnancy passed without incident and this pregnancy is continuing in the same way then there was no reason to not plan to be at home. I am glad I pushed back and asked the Doctor to check with the consultant.

So, that remains that plan. All being well and assuming I stay well then we will have the baby at home. I am both excited by this and of course worried! I have an appointment with my community midwife this week to pick up the birth kit box and to go through the plans etc and of course have my blood pressure and other checks done.

I feel well, and have noticed that the baby is beginning to move more from having its feet stuck out of my side to being more internal (feet pulled in). This has caused some concern when I have had to really stop and think about the movements etc as they are less noticeable when s/he moves their feet inwards. Thankfully when I stop and think then I can feel him/her moving around.

I am finding it harder to walk up hill and upstairs now – I am noticeably out of breath and my groin and pelvis ache a lot at the end of days when I have been on my feet too much. The children have both been unsettled this week with illness and the such and we have had a couple of broken nights sleep – one of which was particularly bad. However, Damian has been off work this week which I have taken advantage of by popping to bed for a half hour snooze here and there. I am generally ready to rest around 3pm most days at the moment!

Next weekend we are off to sort the car seat out for Mr D – we still haven’t decided what we will do seat wise, but we are looking and that will be sorted. Then I guess it is just a waiting game and getting the last few bits in place.

I have been busy looking for activity books for Mr D and Miss E and I plan to spend some time printing out some activities for them to do for when I am inevitably sat feeding the new addition or otherwise engaged trying to settle him/her. I think having things to hand will make it all much easier to cope with!

So… we really are in countdown mode now! We really ought to get on with thinking about names. We haven’t got a boy’s name sorted yet!


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  1. Pauline
    21st May 2016 / 19:08

    I am glad that somebody has seen sense. Just got to wait till baby decides to put in an appearance! I will come and see you and the babes before number 3 arrives.

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