Playdoh Hedgehog Fun

Playdoh Hedgehog Fun

affiliate link disclaimerThe children love playing with playdoh – it’s one of those things that seems to keep them occupied for ages so I was thrilled when we made this playdoh hedgehog a week or so ago to help the practice their fine motor skills.

playdoh hedgehog fine motor skills

If I was a better blogger I’d have some lovely brown home-made playdough, but I am truly hopeless at making playdough so we have tubs of the shop bought stuff instead. The colours in use at the moment are yellows and whites so we had a rather colourful hedgehog instead. I moulded the playdoh into a rough hedgehog type shape , added eyes and then for the spikes I added in some dried pasta shapes.

I left one hedgehog each for the children complete with a set of Jumbo Tweezers each, the idea being that they pull the spikes out of the hedgehog. They had great fun with this and it was good to watch their confidence grow in their use of the tweezers as they pulled the spikes out.

playdoh hedgehog fine motor skills

Once they’d finished pulling out the spikes then it was time to push them back in again – lots of fun for little hands!

Some ideas for different things to use rather than pasta would be dry broken up spaghetti, pipe cleaners or even these matchsticks.

The children enjoyed this and spent time counting the pasta shapes as they took them out or pushed them back in again and Mr H even laid some of his out into to a ‘H’.

this playdoh hedgehog is great fun for young ones who are developing their fine motor skills


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