Planning for Birthdays with Wicked Uncle

Planning for Birthdays with Wicked Uncle

I’m not overly organised with getting gifts for the children too far ahead of time, but I am always keen to nab a bargain when I spot one, and put an item away for birthdays and Christmas time.

When Wicked Uncle got in touch to see if I would like to take a look at their website I jumped at the chance. I haven’t seen this website before and I have to admit I was initially a little disappointed to see that the search options are split by gender. Having both a boy and a girl I know that they are both attracted to the same sort of toys. If anything, Daniel is the one who will choose the pink toys and Emma follows the stereotypical boys toys. However, it does seem that a lot of the toys are available in both the boy and girls sections (which begs the question as to why it’s separate anyway?)

Anyhow, the website is pretty easy to navigate and I did like that there are age suggestions, it gives me some good ideas as to what sort of things might be more age appropriate for Daniel at aged three. I opted to order the magnetic fishing game and the Megasketcher. Delivery is a flat rate fee of £2.95 for standard delivery, which I think is a fair price.

Wicked UncleThe items arrived well packaged in an appropriately sized box. All too often I have ordered items from other websites and they come in masses of packaging – Amazon are particularly bad for this.

Inside, the box was packed out with air pockets so everything was nice and secure. Ordering online always brings the risk that things get a bit bashed around and boxes dented etc – not great if giving items as gifts. So it was nice that Wicked Uncle have good secure packaging.

Wicked Uncle also offer a gift wrapping service which is a good idea if ordering something online and sending straight to the recipient – I didn’t need to take advantage of this but I can see how it would be useful for future orders.

There is a lot of choice on the Wicked Uncle website, and I was spoilt for choice really with what to order, but I think that Daniel (and Emma) will enjoy the items I chose for them.

wicked uncle toy shop review

The magnetic fishing game will be a good one for both Daniel and Emma, helping them to learn their numbers, colours and improving their co-ordination. The megasketcher was a bit of an impulse buy as that morning we had been to my cousins and both Daniel and Emma took an interest in the Megasketcher that her children have so I am sure this will get used, and again it is good for early mark making.

The Wicked Uncle website is quite different to any I have used before, and it will be useful for when I am ordering for older nieces and nephews, I am keen to not buy items that are a little on the young side (which can be hard when you aren’t familiar with the development etc at the various ages).

I like that Wicked Uncle separate the items by age range, I think it does help as a guide to know the sort of thing that is popular in that age range. As I have mentioned above I don’t like the gender divide at all – Wicked Uncle say that they use a gender divide to ‘make things really easy’ and that they ‘divide products by gender because nobody ever buys pink tiaras or Frozen products or dolls for boys. It just doesn’t happen’. I beg to differ on this point as I see plenty of boys playing with dolls and with an interest in Frozen. It is interesting that they are proud to promote the items that are traditionally seen as boys toys in the girls section. It’s a different argument about what is being excluded from boys – it seems that girls can have the same toys as boys (and rightly so) but Boy’s can’t enjoy dolls and other ‘girls’ items. A debate, I guess for another time.

Wicked Uncle also have a birthday reminder service – I’m good at remembering children’s birthdays but can be a bit hit and miss with friends and other family members birthdays so this is a good service to have – especially if you are living away from family etc.

All in all I was impressed with the service offered by Wicked Uncle and they will be a site I look at again in the future for gifts. For now the two items we ordered are safely hidden away for Daniel’s birthday later this year.

What’s your thoughts on gender divides on toy websites? Does it bother you?


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