Pipe Cleaner fun

Pipe Cleaner fun

In another shameless ‘borrow’ from the fabulous Emma from they grow so quick… yesterday I set up a little activity for Daniel using a colander and some pipe cleaners…


Daniel is a little young yet to be able to thread the pipe cleaners into the holes, but he had great fun pulling them out!!


It was fun to watch him playing with the pipe cleaners, he enjoyed using them to make noises against the metal of the colander and the table top. He also enjoyed bending the pipe cleaners, and his favourite soft toy, Dino, had a few bent around him!

When he had finished pulling them out, he put them into the colander and pushed it across the table to me to set it up again.

A quick and easy activity to set up (and cheap too!). Daniel had great fun playing with and exploring the pipe cleaners, something which is pretty uninteresting to adults, but great fun for small hands that are learning to manipulate objects.



  1. 12th April 2014 / 06:35

    once again another example of decent play not having to cost much money – just effort and time

  2. 14th April 2014 / 18:55

    Indeed, and it doesn’t actually take up that much time at all really.

  3. Emma
    15th April 2014 / 12:52

    Thank/you for the link lovely x I’m glad Daniel enjoyed it :),

  4. 19th April 2014 / 08:45

    His little face had so much concentration bless him.
    Great Idea.

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