Perfect Autumn Walks

Perfect Autumn Walks

Last week, as it was Daniel’s birthday, Damian took the week off work and added another day off at the start of this week too. We were blessed with it being one of those perfect autumnal days and we wanted to make the most of it.

The day was perfect – not too cold, but just enough of a chill for needing warm coats and hats. We had a few things on in the morning but once those jobs were done we put together a quick picnic and headed off for a walk. We went to a local spot called Reddish Vale. It’s a place with large pathways for the older two to scooter along as well as it being straight enough in places for us to let them scooter ahead, but still be in sight.

We packed the picnic together and put the scooters and helmets into the car and got our warm jackets, hats and gloves on and headed off. The older two loved being out on the scooters, and Harry was stopping regularly to explore trees and piles of fallen leaves – there really isn’t much better than watching the children run through the leaves and laugh and shout as they kick them up.

Damian was recently asked to try out a lovely men’s waterproof jacket from Black’s and he tells me it was nice and warm with a sweater underneath – it’s perfect for that in-between period in the weather when you don’t want anything too heavy on as you’ll soon get too hot but also need the waterproof protection.

Damian has had a fair few jackets over the years and I always think jackets can be quite expensive, but it’s one of those purchases that I really do think you get what you pay for, and the more expensive, quality jackets that Damian and I have had have really lasted well before needing to be replaced.

man wearing black north face jacket

After we had been out for a good hour and had scootered and explored, kicked leaves and spotted birds we found some steps that, halfway up had a large bench. We stopped for our picnic and the children were very happy to see I’d packed a flask of hot chocolate for us to share. Hot chocolate on autumn walks has become something of a tradition for us recently – it always serves well to motivate the children to keep walking when those little legs start to tire!

We continued up the steps and found a large football field which the three children decided they had to run all the way around – even little Harry! And then Damian and I decided it might be best if we started heading back to the car.

The children had their wellies on – it made me smile that even though it was the brightest and clearest of autumn skies they are all too well accustomed to living in Manchester which means that even the freshest and clearest of autumn skies can soon give way to rain! Having a jacket like Damian’s new Men’s North Face waterproof jacket means that even if you’re caught out at least you’re covered by the waterproof protection it provides.

After more tree climbing and exploring embankments, we made our way back to the car. Little Harry did really well, and it was helpful to distract him with kicking leaves and trying to spot squirrels (this is his favourite thing to do, as well as searching for conkers, despite us reminding him that conker season has been and gone!)

We made it back to the car before I realised I’d not managed to get my customary end of the month snap with all three children. I couldn’t keep up with Daniel and Emma as they had been busy scootering, but Harry did at least stop for a picture with me (complete with my very warm Children in Need hat!)

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#ad It's back to normality today for us as we have been enjoying having Damian at home during his week off work. Yesterday was his final day off before Christmas so we had a lovely family day…. A nixe walk down the woods and then out for dinner in the evening time. I love autumn walks and there really is nothing better than getting wrapped up and out in the crisp autumn air. It's my absolute favourite time of the year. The colours are spectacular and the air always seems so much fresher. The children of course loved being out on scooters and finding trees to explore and leaves to kick through 🍁🍂 The team from @blacks_online sent Damian and I some items for the autumn and winter including this bobble hat which purchases of raise money for Children in Need. I love the colour and I'm now on the hunt for a matching scarf 😍. It kept me toasty warm and the children keep trying to claim it for themselves 🙄….

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It was a lovely few hours out, and we came home to read some poems and do a short ‘poetry tea time.’ I think we all thoroughly enjoyed the time out and it was a really nice, relaxed way to end Damian’s annual leave.


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