Packing the Hospital Bags

Packing the Hospital Bags

Packing the hospital bags is one of those final rituals that signals it’s almost time for the baby! With Mr D I didn’t have the bags packed – I thought I had loads of time and instead got admitted at 36 weeks! I was a little better organised second time around and packed the hospital bags for Miss E around 38 weeks.

guide for what to pack in the hospital bags for baby and mum

This time I have wanted to get the packing of the hospital bags done and dusted and they’ve been sat, ready for a week or so now. The children took great delight in helping me pack and make sure we had everything that the ‘tiny baby’ needs. They keep checking the bags are still there in my room and like to remind me of the things we packed in there.

I have two bags packed, one for me and one for the baby. My bag is one I have had for a while that I think I got from Asda. It is big enough to hold the things I’ll need. In it I have:

what to pack in mums hospital bag

  • toiletries – toothpaste/toothbrush, deodorant and shampoo
  • two x bath towels – the first shower can be a bit messy so it’s useful to have a second towel in case I end up in a little longer than anticipated
  • loose fitting jogging bottoms and vest top – these are for post birth and I’ll also add in a nursing top once I get to 38 weeks
  • Fresh underwear and two night dresses. I recall the hospital wards being warm so the cotton night dresses are good for keeping cool
  • Maternity pads – pack more than you think you will need!
  • loose fitting t-shirt and swim top – just in case I get to use the pool at the hospital. The top is one of Damian’s that I wore when in labour with Mr D

I’ll also make sure the camera is charged and to hand and that there is a phone charger too. I’ll also get a bag of snacks and drinks together too closer to my due date. I didn’t need these the last two times but better to have and not need!

For the baby I have a new changing bag which I love. I have the toTs by smarTrike infinity changing bag and I love it. With Mr D and Miss E I had a BabyMel changing bag but I struggled with the size so ended up just using an old back pack (which is now falling apart as I’ve had since I was 17!). The toTs infinity bag has a huge amount of space – and despite everything I have packed in it, it is only half full – I’ll be adding some of my own stuff into this bag I suspect.

toTs by smarTrike changing bag infinity

I have packed the following for the baby:

  • newborn nappies – we use cloth nappies from totsbots once the baby is a little older and bigger and this bag will easily accommodate a days worth of cloth nappies – perfect for me. In the meantime I have 15 newborn sized nappies packed and Damian can bring more in if needed
  • cheeky wipes – we use these cloth wipes and I have left these dry for now and will dampen them when needed
  • 4 x newborn vests and sleep suits. I bought a pack of new vests and a ‘first’ outfit for the baby. The other sleep suits are ones that Mr D and/or Miss E had. They’re all newborn/first size on the basis that both Mr D and Miss E were on the smaller side (5lb 5 and 6lb 11) and this baby is measuring on the smaller end of the scale at the moment to.
  • muslin cloths – I picked these up from Asda and Aldi recently. I’ve packed two and again Damian can bring fresh ones should we need them.
  • Wet bag – for popping dirty clothes/baby wipes into. I bought new ones from baba and boo this time around – we will have a total of four wet bags. Perfect for when they’re in the wash or drying
  • Hats – with both Mr D and Miss E I forgot the hats so I have two packed so far and I am halfway through knitting a third
  • Blanket – I have this lovely green knitted blanket by toTs. It’s a nice bright colour and perfect for adding a bit of colour and home to hospital surroundings.

With all these packed in here there is still lots of space – I feel I *must* be forgetting something! However I’ll pop in the camera and phone charger and anything else that comes to mind over the coming weeks.

toTs by smarTrike changing bag infinity


What else do I need to pack? Have a I forgotten anything obvious?



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