OxoTot Twist Top Water Bottle review

OxoTot Twist Top Water Bottle review

Emma and Daniel only drink water and milk. On occasion Daniel will have a fruit juice, but those occasions are few and far between. I always have a bottle of water on me as Daniel will declare he needs a drink at the most annoying moment.

We have had a variety of water bottles over the past year and they have all seemed to break easily. We had one that we picked up in a shop for a couple of pound but the lid on that broke within a week, so it wasn’t usable. I then had a Sistema system twist cap one but that broke after a month or two. I replaced that with another sistema one which to be fair did last about six month but the twist cap came apart whilst we were away at Bluestone. Also, as it was a tall and narrow bottle I couldn’t clean inside properly so every week I would have to pour boiling water in it and sterilise it otherwise I would spot something ‘growing’ in it. grim!

OxoTot twist Top BottleWhen Oxotot asked me if I would lie to try out their twist top bottle I obviously agreed. The cup actually won the Loved by Parents award in 2013 for best travel bottle and I can see why.

The bottle is available in three colours, blue, green and a pinky colour. It is a really solid plastic and holds up to 300ml of liquid. It has a twist lid which makes it secure in the change bag or out and about – having tested this out everyday for the past two and a bit weeks I’ve yet to experience a leak. The previous bottles we have had have all leaked at least a little.

The top of the bottle is a soft touch plastic and there is a loop on the wide which is good for carrying the bottle with, especially for toddler hands. The top twists open and the straw pops out. Daniel has a thing about chewing straws so I was a little worried as to how the straw would last. Amazingly it looks as new as it did when he first started using it.

The whole top comes apart for cleaning and the opening is large so would be great for things like smoothies or even adding ice to keep drinks cool in the summer months.

Daniel really likes this cup and it holds enough water for us when we are out and about. He can manage to twist open the straw himself now which is good and aids his independence so he isn’t reliant on me to open it for him all the time.

oxottot bottle

I really like this bottle and can see that it will last us a good while. I wish I’d seen these before I bought the many, many other bottles we have had over the past year. I have actually ordered a second one in green for Emma which should arrive soon I hope.

I will be checking out some of the other items that Oxo offer – they’re not a brand I’ve previously had any experience of but I am really impressed with the quality of the bottle so will be looking at their other items soon.

The OxoTot twist top bottle is available to buy here at Amazona t £8 or you can check the Oxotot website to find a local stockist.




  1. 14th April 2015 / 17:14

    I love the look of this bottle, it looks so grown up!

    Thanks for linking #toddlerapprovedtuesday x

  2. 16th April 2015 / 12:26

    We had one of these too, but the adult version. It was great and perfect for going out for a run.
    Thanks forlinking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  3. 29th May 2015 / 20:37

    Aww what a great cup! We have leaks with some of ours so this is something i need to look into!
    Thanks for sharing! great read and lovely review! xx

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