Our Weekend Tradition

Our Weekend Tradition

Since just after Daniel was born, Damian and I seem to have created a little weekend tradition – The Saturday Night Takeaway.

We eat with the children every night of the week, but on a Saturday they eat at the usual time, then, once they are in bed and we have tidied up we choose our meal and one of us heads off to collect it.

It might seem like a minor thing, but to us, it’s our little treat. Since Daniel was born I suspect we have only been out, alone, for an evening meal no more than five times. So having a little take away for us is a nice way to treat ourselves (and give me a break from preparing and cooking a meal!).

We usually have a curry from a local restaurant. I’m a bit boring and usually get the same thing (vegetable balti) and Damian is slowly working his way through the specials on the menu. The evening before I had Emma I had a curry (although I don’t think I ate much of it as I knew I was going to go into labour that night) and that little treat on a Saturday night is fab.

After we have eaten we tend to work our way through a TV series. Our favourites have been MadMen, Homeland, VEEP, Orange is the new Black and House of Cards.  We hope to start on Bloodline and West Wing at some point in the future, but with the nicer weather coming along I suspect we will take the opportunity to get out into the garden and enjoy the better weather.

On the occasions we fancy a change from a curry we go for pizza. And the only place for pizza has to be Domino’s. Last night we decided we fancied a pizza night so we opted for Domino’s. I had my favourite of Vege Volcano and Damian chose Meatilicious. We added a few sides too. We also managed to find a voucher from My Voucher Codes which gave us a nice little discount – and a bargain always makes it taste nicer!

After we had eaten we tested each others football trivia knowledge (well me testing Damian’s knowledge!) and it was nice to have an evening without the laptop on, or refreshing twitter and facebook for a few hours.

After we had exhausted the various football trivia questions we got a drink and settled down to watch an episode of VEEP before heading to bed.

It might only seem like a small thing but in the rush and hurry of daily life it can be easy to forget to spend time together. We are forever tidying, sorting, planning etc in the evenings in the week, but, come Saturday we leave all that for a few hours, enjoy our take away and the chance to catch up on each others week.


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