Our Favourite TV Series – and how YOU can watch more!

Our Favourite TV Series – and how YOU can watch more!

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I’ll admit that we don’t watch a huge amount of TV, and it’s a bit of a running joke that within 10 minutes or so of us putting something on the TV I’m falling asleep. That said, there are some series that even I manage to stay awake for!

I thought I’d share out favourites for a weekend of TV boxset binging

One of the best series we’ve watched recently is Mindhunter. This is a Netflix series that looks at how the FBI started profiling serial killers. It’s superbly cast and once you’re a couple of episodes in it is absolutely gripping. There’s a second series due at some point and I can’t wait.

We have also really enjoyed Narcos and El Chapo – both series that look at the drug cartels of Columbia and Mexico. It’s fascinating and uses real-life footage to great effect. These are both great to watch and fascinating; although can be a little dark and depressing at times but have certainly inspired me to read more about the politics of South America and to understand the very complex relationships at play. Truly fascinating, if not a little frightening!

We have also dipped into the Confession Tapes, which takes a range of false confessions and unpicks the stories behind them. It came after Making a Murderer and holds a mirror up to the US justice system and exposes the flaws. It’s very interesting to watch.

The Jinx and The Staircase are two more series which really gripped Damian and I. The Jinx is fascinating and very gruesome in parts. The Staircase, again, is intriguing (it follows the trial of a man charged with murdering his wife). After watching The Staircase I am still unsure of the guilt of those concerned…. But it’s truly fascinating to watch the preparations for trial and the things that go on around it.

I know some people use VPN to geo-spoof their locations to enable them to access a wider range of TV. Many providers restrict their offerings based on where they’re accessing from, for example, BBC iPlayer isn’t available in the US and the US Netflix has double the content that the UK version has. There’s been a couple of times when we have wanted to watch something, only to discover it’s not available on the UK service.

It seems reasonably easy to set up a VPN and if none of the recent offering on Netflix interest you then it is worth a look at geo-spoofing your locations and accessing some of the content available to the US audience. I’ve been wanting to watch the West Wing for a while now, but it’s, annoyingly, not available on the UK Netflix. When I checked last it was on the US version, so I think once we’ve finished watching the Ted Bundy Tapes we might flip to the US version and get The West Wing.

What other series can you recommend for us to watch? Any glaring omissions in my list?


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