Our Favourite Chapter Book Series

Our Favourite Chapter Book Series

I shared a picture on Instagram last week of Daniel reading a book and a few people commented and contacted me asking how old he was and what sort of books they could introduce to encourage their reluctant readers.

Daniel is a viciferous reader, and his default position is to be on the sofa, or the beanbags, under a blanket reading the latest book he has collected from the library or we have been sent to review. I’ve never had to encourage him to read; he just picks up a book and reads. But I thought it might be useful to share some of the series of book that he particularly enjoys reading, in case there are some books that might inspire your own children to sit and read.

Frankies Magic Football by Frank Lampard have been a brilliant set of books for Daniel. He picked one up, I think, in a local charity shop and soon started hunting out the others from the library. For his birthday last year, my parents bought him the entire set and they’ve all been read many times. They’re now the read-aloud choice at bedtime for both the older two children and they are very enjoyable to read and I can see why they appeal so much to Daniel.

frankie's magic football books

Continuing the football theme Daniel has loved the Ultimate Football Heroes series and I’ve lost count of how many of these he has collected now. They’re packed full of all sorts of facts about various world class players, and it was a book from this series that formed the basis of his Aguero project a few weeks back. These are great books that have lots of information in and, as they’re biographical, they might appeal to children less interested in stories.

Ultimate Football Heroes

A series we all really enjoy is the fabulous Rabbit and Bear books. These books are fantastic and we have read the three of them time and time again. We can’t wait for the fourth book to be published. The books are genuinely funny, but also have a good underlying moral to them. Daniel enjoys reading these alone, but also delights in listening to them aloud – giggling as he anticipates the next sentence to come. Superbly written and equally  well illustrated, Rabbit and Bear are two brilliant characters that we just love.

The books in the Unicorn Academy series have been another big hit here; both Daniel and Emma love these books being read aloud at bedtime and Daniel has since re-read them to himself. They’re nice tales of friendship and adventure and they’re well loved here, we are on the hunt for some of the ones we have yet to read and it’s a regular mission at the library to try and find them!

Finally, Dirty Bertie and Vlad the World’s Worst Vampire are two characters that Daniel enjoys reading –  although I must confess I haven’t read them myself yet. Dirty Bertie has him giggling away and he’s got a list of the other ones in the series he would like to read.

Are there any other great series of books that we are yet to try that you can reccomend?



  1. Tony
    4th March 2019 / 14:57

    Good read about good reads

  2. Aimee
    5th March 2019 / 04:58

    We also love Isadora Moon, Mango and Bambang, Amelia Fang, the 13 Story Treehouse series, Ninja Kid, Kingdom of Wrenly and Showtyme Adventures series by Kelly Wilson. Goth Girl also looks good. Ben Fogels new book looks good too!

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