One day short of 16 Months

One day short of 16 Months

Today, Emma is one day short of being 16 months old.

Being one day short of 16 months old isn’t a hugely significant age, but for me it is. Today is a milestone.

It’s a milestone because the day Emma was born, Daniel was one day short of 16 months old.

It’s strange to try to remember what Daniel was like at that age. He hadn’t long been walking (maybe five weeks or so) and he was a bundle of activity. I think he was probably more into crafting and mark making than Emma is at the moment. He was certainly happy to sit for endless stories (and still is).

The one thing that is noticeably different about them both at this age is their language development. Daniel was saying a lot around the time Emma was born. It wasn’t always clear and often only I would understand what he was trying to say, but there wasn’t much he couldn’t communicate, either through signing or speaking the words. He was learning new words each day and he could tell you the noises various animals make.

Emma says a few things, key words like No, Daddy, Yes, cat, close (as in close the door). She isn’t stringing words together yet (Daniel was at this age) and she doesn’t use many signs unprompted. I can rarely get her to say mummy which is most annoying!

But, she is much more confident than Daniel. She is braver. She will climb to the top of a slide that Daniel still has to really think about. Emma is fearless. She knows what she wants. She also seems to be more socially savvy. She has better co-ordination that Daniel did at this age. She is able to happily feed herself using her fork or spoon, a skill that Daniel has only mastered properly in the past three months or so.

One day short of 16 months old is a bit of a milestone for me. It’s the point at which I fail to recall with the same clarity the behaviours and milestones the children reach. Something, I guess is inevitable when there are two sets of milestones to remember.

16 months

The past few weeks has seen us put the highchair into the loft, no longer need to load spoons up with food for Emma and the removal of the baby monitor from her room.

Today I ordered her new car seat as she is on the verge of outgrowing her infant carrier.

All signs that my baby is growing up.

I can scarcely remember when it was just Daniel. I know that, despite the difficulties, the testing times, the tiredness and frustrations, Emma and Daniel benefit enormously from having each other, and I am sure this will continue. I can’t wait to see their friendship grow over the next 16 months.

16 months



  1. Tony
    22nd June 2015 / 19:55

    Nice post

  2. 22nd June 2015 / 19:59

    Lovely Sarah. They are very different but both lovely children. You’re doing a fantastic job x

  3. 7th July 2015 / 11:49

    My little one will be 16 months in a few weeks. It’s amazing how different he is to my big one. This one is turning me grey with his climbing antics! Lovely post. #twinklytuesday

  4. 11th July 2015 / 18:12

    What a beautiful milestone! Having identical twins who reached most of their milestones within hours of each other, I had to keep reminding myself that children are unique and I shouldn’t expect them to be doing exactly the same things at exactly the same time, that I should enjoy who they are at each stage, because I’ll blink and it’ll be past. Now that they’re 9, I don’t need to remind myself. They’re such different people, both just wonderful.

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

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