New Year & New Challenges

New Year & New Challenges

2019 looks set to be a busy year for us – I have a few projects in mind for the children and we have a number of big events coming up, we have already had a 60th birthday, and the celebration for that is this weekend.

We have a 40th birthday, a 40th wedding anniversary and a wedding as well as any other number of birthdays and events to mark in the coming year – it’s certainly going to be exciting!

I spent a little bit of time towards the end of 2018 making some brief plans for the children and how I think their education will look this coming year, well for the first few months at least. We have some bits to work through as well as working on English and Math skills. I am busy planning trips out for us all and have enjoyed getting out and about in local parks this week, despite the rather cold temperatures!

I’ve also set myself some challenges this year. I want to read more – I have a box of books that are waiting to be read and each time I go to the library I seem to add more and more books to me ‘to read’ list. I’m making a real effort to read more at bedtime and to try and make real inroads into my to-read pile.

I have also signed up to the Race at Your Pace challenge for January. I really like this idea and it’s certainly motivated me so far to get up and out and run! You essentially choose a challenge: running, walking, cycling or swimming, and choose a distance to aim for (for running it’s 25, 50, 75 miles etc) and you have the calendar month to run that distance. I have challenged myself to run 50 miles this month. I’ve enjoyed it so far and have done a mix of outdoors running and treadmill running. I am pleased that I am managing reasonable times for my runs and I hope to break the 30 minutes for a 5k by the end of the month.

I use my Garmin watch for logging outdoor runs and this links to map my fitness where I can also log my treadmill runs.

My aim is to sign up to each monthly race at your pace challenge as it gives me a focus in the gym (it’s easy to run 1.5-2 miles on the treadmill at the start or end of a gym visit) and it’s also prompted me to get out this evening and run, and I felt really good for doing so.

I’m also working on my strength at the gym and have set myself a few targets there to try and improve my general fitness, flexibility and strength. One thing I learnt in 2018 was that I really do thrive on having that outlet and it makes me feel much better and gives me the head space to plan and work on things for the children.

Like everyone else, I am busy meal planning too – I like getting back into planning our food and this week I made a tasty lentil cottage pie and a really super easy, veggie-packed paella. I picked up a cookbook in the library today that had some really interesting looking recipes in that I am going to have a try of next week.

Have you set yourself any challenges for the New Year?


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  1. Pat
    4th January 2019 / 20:33

    Fab. Lots of stuff there to keep you all busy. X

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