New Year Fitness Plans

New Year Fitness Plans

This is a collaborative post

It’s no secret that this year has been the year of fitness for me. I have really worked on improving my health and strength and that in turn has had a whole host of other benefits in terms of my mental wellbeing– it really helps me to clear my mind if I am at the gym. It also does me good to have targets to work towards that are for me, rather than targets for the children to work towards or plans for them in terms of schemes of work.

My time at home is spent often thinking of ways to help the children achieve things or work through problems and ways to teach them something in a creative way. Even when I’m sat relaxing, I’m mentally preparing things for the next day.

Next year I really want to get the children outdoors and exploring more – we haven’t done enough of it this year, so I plan to ask the children to list some places they’d like to visit and explore with us. There is all manner of ways you can get active and here are some ideas we have for the forthcoming year.

Making a regular day for getting out and about

I used to follow the exploring nature with children curriculum, and come rain, hail or shine, we would be out exploring on a Monday morning. I can’t quite recall what happened to stop us from doing that, but we did and never quite got back into it. Whilst we might not follow the curriculum this time, I want to have a regular couple of times in the week when we take off for a long exploring session. I’m tempted by a National Trust membership as friends have these and there are some beautiful sites nearby that we could make use of. Hopefully we can get to some as a family in the new year.

Don’t be shy about spending money on health and fitness

This is something I used to feel guilty about – could I really justify the cost of a gym membership and personal trainer? But then, I stopped and looked at the money that we might have spent on things like TV subscriptions, be it Netflix, or Sky. Add in the money I spend on mobile phone contracts and or coffee shop visits and takeaways and with a few tweaks I soon found the cost of the gym membership. I go to a cheap gym (It’s only £18 a month) but it works for me and has the bonus of being open 24 hours, which means I can head there late at night when I’ve finished up all the things I need to do.

Try something new

The gym isn’t for everyone, and there are so many ways to keep fit and healthy, you could even try an outdoors sport if you fancy a break from your gym membership.

You can head out walking or running (Parkrun is a great way to get into running). There are step classes and Zumba classes that run in local community spaces or you could look into taking up something like cycling or golf, although you will need to make sure you get the right kit for these two. Bikes can be picked up on local selling sites at reasonable prices and it’s well worth checking out the Nike golf clothing from Function 18 if golf is something you’re looking into.

These are all simple and achievable things to do, and there’s also the added benefit of creating a new dimension to your social life – I’ve met some good people at the gym and it’s fun to join in some of the classes that not only push you, but you can have a laugh and a joke with friends too.

Do you have any new year fitness plans? I wish to reach some of my personal targets in the next week or two.


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