My name’s Sarah & I’m a stationery addict….

My name’s Sarah & I’m a stationery addict….

Well, I guess being part of #postcircle and now #postcrossing means that I need to have plenty of writing paper at hand… I do fear however my stationery addiction has gone a little far….


I have always loved notepads and writing paper, and have a box that I store my notecards, birthday cards etc in. However, since I joined Postcircle, I have been on the hunt for unusual and fun writing paper. Sure, I can write on plain paper, or lined paper, but it’s much prettier to send a nicely designed letter.


All my writing paper and cards are stored in this box…



It might look like a small box, but it contains a LOT of writing paper…. First up is my trusty paper tape, useful for decorating the outside of envelopes…



These are from a folksy shop (I can’t recall which) and Ikea – the Ikea stuff is great value.


I also have a lot of notecards and letter writing sets. The cards have been bought for me in sets over the years, and the letter writing sets are from a variety of places including TK Maxx, Tesco, Home Bargains and The Works. The Works have some great sets for £1.99 I think and TK Maxx is always worth a look as they have some great stuff from time to time.



I also love these two jotter pads that I picked up in TK Maxx for £1.50 each – they’re really colourful and pretty



Next up are my more recent finds, I stumbled across two great websites whilst awake at 3am …. pregnancy insomnia isn’t so good for my bank balance! The first is Artbox and the second is Cute Stationery.


Here are some purchases from these two sites….


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The service from both sites was great, but I have visited cute stationery a couple of times now. Katie, who runs the site, is brilliant, and there is a constant update of new items. She also does a surprise bag option. This is great if, like me, you can’t choose what to order! I ordered a surprise bag of letter sets and got some great ones….. I think my monthly treat will be a surprise bag or two 🙂


Where are your favourite stationery shops?


Let me know your thoughts with a comment below

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