My 6 Year Old’s Book Shelf in January

My 6 Year Old’s Book Shelf in January

I am a little later than planned posting this up, but I wanted to share the books that my six year old has been enjoying in the last month.

Books and reading play such a big part in our day to day that I want to capture the books that they’re enjoying at the different ages and stages. Gone are the days when I would spend hour after hour reading books aloud to them all – I miss the simpleness of that time, of being presented with and endless array of picture books. But I do enjoy this new phase we are in, watching Daniel get engrossed in a new world as he opens the pages to his latest book and then excitedly recalls it all to me.

Top of his reading pile in January has been Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. He is reading a copy that was mine as a child and I’m not even sure how we came across it; perhaps it was left on one of the bookcases. Anyhow he has totally and utterly fallen in love with Roald Dahl, and I am glad that he has read the book before seeing the film; I’m glad that his imagination can form the scenes for him without relying on the film memories to do that for him. He has read Charlie, twice, and is now reading the Witches. He had borrowed George’s Marvellous Medicine and Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator from the library and they have been enjoyed too.

Bur it’s not all been about Charlie. He has been busy reading various dinosaur book for the dino project we did last month and took a interest in the Monarchy for a day or two. He has an amazing memory and can recall facts really well. He was reading one of the Miles Kelly 100 facts books and has remembered all manner of things about Kings and Queens and tells me them at various points!

We have beent sent a few new books this month and Daniel really liked a lovely book called Little Rabbit’s Big Surprise. This is a lovely book that helps to bridge the gap from picture book to chapter book and it does so really well. It’s a lovely story and the book itself is lovely to hold ad read. Daniel enjoyed reading this and I’ve spotted him reading it quietly again a few times. It’s nice now that he is reading independently for him to have these sorts of book that still offer a picture book like quality.

The illustrations are really lovely and Emma has enjoyed listening to Daniel and I reading this aloud to her too.

Another two books we have had this month that have been real hits are the two new books from the Little People, Big Dreams series. I adore this series and the two ew books about Muhammad Ali and Stephen Hawking really captured both Daniel and Emma’s imagination. It resulted in lots of conversation about Ali in particular and watching some of his memorable speeches and a little of his fights. The children like learning about people of note, and we have a project on this for our Speaking & Listening Group soon.

These have been the main books for Daniel this month – he has. of course, read many, many more but these are the ones that really captured his imagination and have had him chattering away about over the last few weeks.

Chapter Books for six year olds


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