Meal Planning Week 6 – 3 February

Meal Planning Week 6 – 3 February

So…. Last week’s meal plan… what can I say? It was all a bit hit and miss if I am truthful!

  • Monday – Slow Cooker chicken casserole with dauphinoise potatoes – recipe from mumsnet
  • Tuesday – Shepherds Pie and Vege Shepherds Pie – I intend to make enough to freeze in preparation for the baby’s arrival
  • Wednesday – Cheese and Onion pie with new potatoes and veg
  • Thursday – Fajitas with sweet potato wedges and homemade dips
  • Friday – Fish and chips

Monday’s was a disaster and won’t be one to try again. The chicken was dry and poor Daniel looked disgusted at what I was serving up. The left overs were blended with some added stock into a soup, so hopefully that will be a little nicer for the boys to eat. I was really disappointed with this one

I swapped Tuesday and Wednesday around again as my husband was at the football Tuesday so Daniel and I had cheese and onion pie – enough frozen for two more servings which I am sure will come in useful once the new baby is here. I wasn’t really too hungry that day, having been at the hospital so didn’t eat much at all.

The vege shepherds pie I made on Wednesday…. well…. the recipe made a mountain of it! I have about six more servings in my freezer! Madness. I also have a portion of the meat shepherds pie in the freezer too. I perhaps should have paid more attention the quantities I was putting in….

I haven’t meal planned this week for a few reasons…. firstly as I’m now 37 weeks pregnant I’m finding I hit a tiredness slump around 3-4pm – which is when I would usually be getting dinner ready and I have been struggling to get motivated. My husband is possibly booking some annual leave this week, if he does we will probably go out for a bite to eat in the evening; whilst we can before the new addition arrives. We are also having some work start in the loft tomorrow which means that as there will be workmen here, Daniel and I will spend most of the week out and about; again reducing the time I have at home to prepare a meal.


Bit of an excuse I guess… however across the week we are likely to have:


Pasta with sauce

Pizza and wedges night – not had a pizza for a while so looking forward to this!

Sausage casserole (slow cooker)


As ever, I have joined in with the Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday Linky – click the image below to see other great meal plans for this week.




  1. 4th February 2014 / 09:09

    Two things: before you get too tired and run out of time you really should consider baking a big batch of cheese and onion pies … we can ‘store’ some for you and secondly you are of course welcome at ours if you need to/want to get away from the workmen at any time

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