Meal Plan Week 8

Meal Plan Week 8

This week’s meal plan features a couple of new meals for me. We have been asked to take a look at a new cook book from Zainab Jagot Ahmed called The Flavour-Led Weaning Cookbook so I’m looking forward to try a couple of these out.

meal planing for a meal of 5 - ideas and inspiration


The plan this week is a bit fluid. It is Miss E’s birthday on Thursday so I don’t have a plan for then, as it will very much depend on what we do. We aren’t having a party as she said she would prefer that we go out for breakfast, so we will head out on Thursday morning the five of us. The place we go to is good enough for breakfast, it has the added benefit of unlimited tea and coffee plus a play area the children enjoy!

We then don’t really have much else planned apart from Miss E’s and Mr D’s swimming lessons that afternoon. We won’t be home until around 16:45 so I suspect we might have a visitor or two, so maybe we will throw a pizza in, or something equally as quick to make and eat!

Our very loose plan this week is as follows:

Monday – Vegetable lasagne (at the request of Mr D)

Tuesday – Easy Cheesy Shepherds Pie (from our new book)

Wednesday – Fry up (at the request of Damian)

Thursday – Pizza / pasta /something quick

Friday – Garden veg paella (from our new book)

Have a great week!



  1. hijackedbytwins
    20th February 2017 / 09:15

    Hope you all have a great day on Thursday. So many yummy meals planned this week. Thank you for sharing with #MealPlanningMonday x

  2. 20th February 2017 / 11:48

    Lots of lovely ideas and the cookbook sounds interesting too. Have a great day in Thursday #mealplanningmonday

  3. 20th February 2017 / 11:57

    Happy birthday to Miss E for Thursday….
    It sounds like you have a great week of meals planned 🙂 x

  4. 20th February 2017 / 14:28

    Happy birthday, for Thursday! Your meals sound delicious, particularly cheesy shepherd’s pie x

  5. 20th February 2017 / 14:56

    Good plan, it’s always best not to be too rigid with the meal plans. Have a good birthday week. gx

  6. 20th February 2017 / 21:27

    The shepards pie sounds good, I will look out for how you get on. I can’t believe it is Miss E’s birthday already, I remember waiting for her to be born!

  7. 21st February 2017 / 08:54

    Happy Birthday to Miss E for Thursday 🙂 garden veg paella sounds tasty! #MealPlanningMonday

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