Maternity Wear… why so dull?

Maternity Wear… why so dull?

I real bug bear of mine is that, in my first pregnancy, it felt like my only clothing options were black, black or navy blue. Not too bad for work, but for weekends and evenings out, it drove me mad.


I did find a petrol blue dress by Red or Dead and a pink shirt from Matalan, but most of my wardrobe for my first pregnancy is bland. In this pregnancy, because I am not in work and instead chasing my active almost one year old around, I need different types of clothes, ones that wash well and will withstand me crawling around etc.


Some of my tshirts from last time around are beginning to look tired, but I can’t complain, they’ve been well worn and have done well to last as long. However, for Christmas evenings out, my sons birthday and the such, I wanted something a bit brighter and more stylish. My absolute two favorite buys have to be from mothercare…. the blue and grey stripe however is beginning to go bobbly but it is super comfy and lots of growing room for my expanding bump! If you follow my blog you will have seen a couple of #bumpwatch shots where I am wearing this dress.


16Weeks (3)

I also adore this dress – my mum bought me this for a christening we attended a few weeks back. It is super comfy, very flattering and I’ve had comments whenever I have worn it. It will be the dress I wear for my son’s first birthday next week. It is the sort of dress I would wear post pregnancy too.


19 Weeks (4)

The one area I have really struggled in is smart formal wear. We went to a wedding some weeks ago, and I ended up in a dress from Seraphine that I wasn’t happy with. I had ordered a couple from ASOS, but I just wasn’t happy with them, and they didn’t feel dressy enough for a wedding. I then ordered two from Seraphine. I found the fit a bit generous and the materials were a bit clingier than I am used to… however I decided to keep them and chose one on the day…. a mostly black dress 🙁 I was so unhappy that there aren’t any pictures of me wearing the said dress!


The other big big bear of mine is maternity tights….. but I’ll save that for a later post!


Where do you shop for your maternity wear? Do you find stuff on the high street or do you have to resort to online ordering? I have to say Mothercare is my favourite of those I have tried. Most of their stuff washes really well and they do have some lovely dresses.




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  1. 19th October 2013 / 21:56

    I loved Asos in my last pregnancy and Crave for my jeans. I got a few lovely bits from mamas and papas as well and they washed really well. I love the bottom dress, it looks lovely x

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