Marple Lock Flight

Marple Lock Flight

As part of my commitment to getting out in the fresh air much more with the children, over the weekend we wrapped up and took a walk along the Marple Lock Flight.

The locks are only a short drive away from us – we could walk up to them by joining the canal near us, but the children won’t walk all that way and back and as we have been shaking off colds so thought we would make the short car journey there.

Marple lock flight - great family walk in Marple, cheshire

We parked up and the children were excited to see that a barge was passing through the first of the locks. It’s such an amazing feat of engineering to see the boats as they move through the locks. I think Mr D understood some of the principles of how the locks worked.

marple lock flight

We walked up and saw plenty of ducks and as we got to the small tunnel the older children took great delight in shouting echo as we walked through it. We had forgotten out pack of quack snacks so I must remember to top the bags up for the next time we visit.

We continued along the canal and spotted another boat coming through the locks (in the opposite direction). We stopped for a quick drink and a mince pie before continuing our walk along the tow path where we spotted lots of boats moored up.

marple lock flight

It was a really lovely day and I’d like to have walked a little further but the children were beginning to tire so we turned around and headed back to the car.

I was pleasantly surprised to see just how busy the canal was with walkers and I spotted a sign for an open day on the 21st January which I hope to take the children to.

marple lock flight



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  1. ChelseaMamma
    4th January 2017 / 09:33

    That looks like a fascinating place to vsiit, I have never visited a canal

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