Learning something new….

Learning something new….

I’ve been wanting to learn to crochet for a while now. I’ve been on a three hour workshop that ended in complete disaster…. I have tried to teach myself from a book, websites and YouTube videos, all to no avail.


However, a week or two ago I saw from Twitter and Instagram that it was National Wool Week. I went along to Black Sheep Wools PicKnit to make some PomPoms in aid of #TobysGift – a charity set up by an old work friend who’s son sadly died last year. Whilst there I was inspired by the lovely yarns and creations that I decided that, if crochet wasn’t for me, then knitting would be…


Earlier in the year I had bought Knitty Gritty by Aneeta Patel, so I opened up and began to work my way through the projects….


photo 1

I used some chunky wool I had found whilst tidying and clearing my craft space to make room for Baby 2…. And soon had the above knitted up. I decided to adventure onto the next project… baby boots….




Two little booties made from a lovely soft speckled yarn…. Granted they’re nowhere near perfect, but for a first attempt I was pleased!


I then though I would try and make a newborn baby hat… we have bought an outfit for the new baby… the reality if that most of his/her clothes will be recycled from Daniel in the early months, but we wanted him/her to have their own outfit for their first one. As it is purple and white my plan is to knit some purple and white hats, I have the yarn ready for when I have perfected me hat 🙂


photo 5


Again, nowhere near perfect but I managed to knit this in one evening so I am very pleased with myself 🙂 My casting on it too loose, so I am going to try another casting on method. I also want to make a slightly smaller hat, Daniel was only 5lb 5 and all the shop bought hats buried him, so I want something to fit the new baby in case s/he is tiny too.


I’m really pleased with how I have picked up knitting, much easier than crochet! I have a way to go though until I am at my mum’s standards…. see this blog post from Black Sheep Wools about their PicKnit… you’ll spot Daniel at the bottom playing with Pom Poms in a brilliant jumper knitted by my mum.


I am beginning to steadily build a bit of a yarn stash at the moment…. although I am sure that when I visit Black Sheep Wools tomorrow I will enhance the stash even more!


photo 3



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