Learning about Dinosaurs

Learning about Dinosaurs

I’ve written a couple of times before about the ‘speaking and listening’ group that I initiated. It started with the WWF badges and then moved onto the RSPB badges and, as the children were enjoying it, we set a third meeting based on the theme of Dinosaurs.

If I am honest, I thought the children would enjoy the Dinosaur theme a lot more than they did. Of the three projects we have done, this is the one that has captured their imagination the least. They still did the work and learnt from it, but it wasn’t with the same enthusiasm as the other two projects.

To start this project I collated the various dinosaur-themed books we have and left them out for the children to peruse through. The ones we used were (please note these are affiliate links)

The children had a look through and Daniel chose to focus his project on Iguanodon and Emma on Archaeopteryx. We had a chat about the things that we might want to tell our friends about and from that we did a rough plan of what their work might look like. They both coloured pictures of their chosen dinosaurs marked on a map where the fossils had been discovered and I used some of the bits from Home School Share that we could use to make a small lapbook with.

Other children at the group focussed their presentation on dinosaurs in general, one had even started his own book detailing a range of dinosaurs. Other children focussed on feathered dinosaurs and some created fossils. It was really lovely to see the different approaches and the range of work that the children all did.

After each had done their presentation we gave them a certificate and a small pin badge which I’d sourced on ebay.

Our next project is focussing on ‘People of Note’. Daniel has suggested he wants to do his project on Roald Dahl and Emma is undecided as yet, so we will take a look at some ideas for her in the coming week and make a start on this the week after next.



  1. 16th February 2019 / 12:39

    I’m surprised they weren’t as engaged with the dinosaur theme as much either. I thought kids loved dinosaurs. But maybe that’s just some kids?

    • 16th February 2019 / 15:24

      They went through a Dino phase about 12-18 months ago so I think it was just bad timing to be honest x

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