Knitting adventures continue…

Knitting adventures continue…

I recently posted about learning to knit… (see here), well here is a picture of my latest offering:



I’m much happier with the cast on method I used for this one (cable cast on apparently!) as it has produced a much tighter and neater edge. Whilst I think Knitty Gritty is a great book for learning to knit, the cast on is so loose, and I have seen some other people say a similar thing.


To learn this cast on method I went to trusty YouTube and watched a couple of videos. It is a really easy method, and will probably be my preferred cast on method from now on.


My next project is to make a cardigan(!) Adventurous perhaps, but I like something to get my teeth stuck into. I also want to make a couple more hats. This one is quite small, so I want to make another in white in this size and one a bit larger, possibly in a yarn that is multicoloured. I have (hopefully!) plenty of time to do those before the baby arrives.


In the meantime, as well as my cardigan project I have also signed up to do a cross stitch project with the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery (FPS). I had never heard of the FPS until one of my #postcircle ladies mentioned she was a bit of an FPS addict. I follow a couple of people on Instagram who have been uploading pictures of their progress and felt inspired to join in!


I have signed up for the Christmas on Gingerbread Lane project and have today ordered the Weeks hand dyed threads and some aida. I have the DMC threads in my cross stitch stash already (except one which I’ve ordered) and I look forward to the first part of the pattern being released on the 15th November…. hopefully my bits and pieces will arrive before then!


Anyone else making anything at the moment?





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