Is it Really Ten Years?

Is it Really Ten Years?

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I was updating my to-do list a few days ago, and added to it ‘book night away’. This year marks our ten year wedding anniversary, and to mark the occasion, we plan to head away for a night or two…. depending on how much childcare we can swing!

We haven’t really thought much about where we might go – if we were child-free then it’s likely we would mark the occasion with a trip to South America – somewhere that’s long been on my list of places to visit and was my preferred honeymoon destination (we instead went to Australia).  As our anniversary is November time, we might instead have sought out some sun in somewhere like Mauritius – a quick look at the website gives you plenty of reasons to visit Mauritius, and I have to admit a week in a restful beautiful place does appeal in a way it wouldn’t have done 10 years ago!

We did briefly think of a city break in Central Europe – I quite fancy the idea of heading to Madrid but in reality, I’m not sure that’s something we want to do at the moment, and in reality we will probably stick to something much closer to home. Maybe somewhere like Chester – a city we are close to but somewhere I don’t think we have actually visited together!

A lot has happened in the ten years we have been married – job changes, moving home and of course the children and it’s funny to look back on the pictures of our wedding day with the children – they’re always bright eyed and in awe of the fancy dresses and suits and it makes me smile when they always ask why they weren’t invited, it must be so hard for them to comprehend that Damian and I existed before they were even thought out! A concept that does take a bit of understanding.

As beautiful as a long haul destination might be, we are content to just mark the occasion together. We will choose a nice city to explore and enjoy a nice meal together, and just enjoy a little time to be Sarah and Damian and not mum and dad for a day or two…. the dream destination can wait for the 20 year anniversary.




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