How I Look After Me

How I Look After Me

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One of the things that I’ve been trying harder at in recent months is to be much better at looking after me. As anyone with children will attest to, it’s all too easy to get caught up in child-centred things, and, when you home educate, the days can be super busy and it can be all far too easy to get caught up in looking after the children and tending to their needs as well as sorting out the never-ending jobs in the house or sorting out meals. By the time I get to the evening, and it’s time for me, I’m too tired to do anything!

But, making the time to look after me is so important for a whole range of reasons so I am really taking the time and effort at the moment. One of the best things I find is to spend time reading and I am making the time in the evenings to read; even if it is only a chapter. So far, I am on to book five of the year and am really enjoying getting back into reading. It is something that I find relaxing and helps me to clear my mind of the days events, or stops me thinking too much about other things that we have to sort out. I also find that when I read at bedtime, instead of scrolling through my phone, I sleep better. Not surprising really as it’s often reported in the press about the effects of screens and artificial lights on our brains and sleep.

Another thing that has really helped me is to find an hour over the weekend to plan out the following week’s activities and make up any inserts etc for our lapbooks. It helps me to focus our week ahead and make sure we are at least moving, in some way, towards whatever targets we have set for ourselves. It also helps me feel calmer about the week ahead and I find I am better able to react to the challenges that present themselves.  As much as I admire those that take a more relaxed approach, I am, by nature, a planner and having a list of things to do, or having activities ready really does help me feel happier about things. It also seems to help the children if they have things ready to work with and overall I feel our days go much smoother and I have far fewer moments of feeling like I’m going to tear my hair out and it’s helping me, for the time being at least, stave off the need to invest in any hair restoration treatments such as hair transplants

As well as looking after my mental well being a little better, I am also taking care of my physical well being. As well as exercising more and generally trying to be more active I have invested in some items that are kinder to my skin, including some natural shampoo bars from Soap Nuts and some sample size natural deodorants which are much kinder to the skin; I’d noticed that my usual spray deodorants were beginning to irritate my skin so made the switch a few weeks back. I’m really impressed so far and I’ll be ordering some full-size ones at the end of the month.

My final ‘self-care’ is to look after my hands and feet more – my hands are always really dry and I’m now taking more care to wear gloves when I am out in the cold as well as moisturising them regularly throughout the day. I’m still on the hunt for something good to rub into my feet, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

These small changes have made the world of difference to how I feel and how the days go as we continue to navigate our home ed journey. What tips do you have to better look after yourself and carve out that ‘me’ time in our busy world?


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